Everyone is on stand by while the Seattle Monorail Project sorts out their next steps. Here's the only info that's come out recently related specifically to Morgan Junction
"As the Board continues to examine the issues facing the Monorail Project, we have asked staff to look at phasing options that could defer construction of certain segments of the Green Line. If we find that we must phase the line, we want to be prepared to describe a new line that functions well. Staff is currently researching cost savings and other impacts of four scenarios for the first phase of construction:

- Alaska Junction to 15th & Market
- Morgan Junction to King/Weller and 5th & Broad to Crown Hill, integrating the downtown segment with Sound Transit's light rail tunnel service
- Morgan Junction to Dravus in Interbay
- Morgan Junction to King/Weller

The slide presentation and webcast from our meeting last week provide detailed maps and discussions of the different phasing approaches. Phasing is one of many approaches to managing costs that the Board is considering, although the preferred solution would be to reduce costs enough to allow building the entire 14 miles of the Green Line without deferring any portion of the line. "
To view the slide presentation link to http://www.elevated.org/project/board/actionplan/briefings.asp and select the link to the 8/17/05 Meeting Slides.


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