Please join us for our next Quarterly Meeting on Wednesday, July 20th from 7-9pm located at the Kenney downstairs community room (7125 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle, WA 98136).

Morgan Community Association Meeting Agenda
July 20, 2011

7:00    Introduction, Announcements & Updates    MoCA Board
o       Morgan Junction Festival wrap-up
o       West Seattle Candidates Forum announced
o       Hi-Yu sponsorship status
o       West Seattle Triangle Project update
o       Bylaws Update

7:10-7:20       Rapid Ride Status, DeAnna Martin, King County

7:20-7:30       SDOT Fauntleroy retrofit, Bob Derry, Stepherson Assoc.

7:30-7:40       Murray Pump station update, Doug Marsano, King County

7:40-7:45       Life Long Recreation Advisory Council, Roberta Fowler

7:45-7:55       West Seattle in Motion, Derrick Van Kirk,

7:55-8:05       The Whale Trail, Donna Sandstrom

8:05     Candidates for City Council - 7 minutes each
o       Brad Meachams
o       Tom Rasmussen
o       Michael Taylor-Judd

8:30-9:00      Questions and Wrap-up