Morgan Community Association Quarterly Meeting

October 21, 2009 – The Kenney

Deb Barker, Presiding


3 Executive Bd. Members, 10 neighborhood residents, representatives from W Seattle Blog, and King County.

Announcements – Deb Barker

Fauntleroy Paving Project: An overview of the project status as provided by Jessica Murphy, SDOT. Project is substantially complete with some outstanding issues including conflicting pavement markers. Question was raised about signal phasing at Edmunds Street. Project will be completed in approximately two weeks.

Myrtle Reservoir – Project status provided by Virginia Hassinger – SPU will turn the facility back to Parks after the grass is established. Contract work is scheduled for late November/December, and construction to begin in February 2010.

Power Outage – City Light has looked into the West Seattle infrastructure and would like to come to a future MOCA meeting to talk about the power grid and improvements that are needed.

Kenney Home – The Seaview Bldg. was approved as a Seattle Landmark. The owner is working with the City on identification of regulated portions of the building. An Early Design Guidance meeting will be held tomorrow (Oct 22) at 6:30pm at the Youngstown Arts Center. Discussion will focus on the transitions around the building.

Homestead Restaurant – Since the fire in January, the owners have made proposals to the Alki Community Council. The SW Historical Society has written a letter asking the owners to restore the building to pre-fire construction, and asked MOCA to join in the letter. The MOCA board declined any position on the matter at this time.

Spokane Street / Rapid Ride projects – A report was provided by Jack Latteman (King Co.); SDOT’s portion of design work for Spokane St. was delayed by environmental review conditions. Work will proceed soon. On Rapid Ride, design is proceeding for the West Seattle route, including civil and electrical design. ITS design is mostly complete. Two demonstration stations will be in place by September 2011. At that time, the Route 54 service will be ramped up as mitigation for the viaduct (10-15 minute headways during peak).

Neighborhood Park Update – At the last MOCA meeting, Frank Taylor asked for interest in developing a park on a private lot for sale. The owner of the lot must now sell sooner than expected, so a park on the site is unlikely.

Lowman Beach Pump Station – Martha Tuttle, King County

Martha Tuttle provided an overview of the project and the Combined Sewerage Overflow program. The goal is to reduce overflows to once per year by 2030. The County would like to know the best way to get people interested in the project. While the Barton basin is moving forward, the Murray basin has been delayed due to budget constraints. The electrical and wet well work have been completed. A new odor control and emergency generator is to be installed. An open house was held two weeks ago, with little turn out. The County is working on alternatives, including storage tanks, convey and treatment, onsite treatment, and peak flow reduction. A public meeting will be held in February 2010, and the alternatives will be presented. There was discussion on ways that the information can be made more interesting to the public, including use of web sites, working with Sustainable West Seattle, a demonstration project, and use of public information.

Neighborhood Plan Update – Cindi Barker / Kate Stineback

A successful open house was held last summer at the Youngstown Arts Center. The Morgan table had a very high turnout. A summary of the results of the open house and survey are now available. The next public meeting will be held on November 5 (6-8pm) at Mercer Middle School on Beacon Hill. The City will provide an assessment of the key themes for neighborhood plan updates, citywide initiatives to inform the plans (ie, the Pedestrian Master Plan), and use the meeting to determine what else is needed for the planning process.

Orchard Street Ravine Pedestrian Safety Project – Cindi Barker

The project is moving forward. It will include signage to warn motorists of pedestrians, and a kiosk at the top of the road near the trail that provides pedestrian safety information.

HUB Exercise – Cindi Barker

Morgan Junction was one of the West Seattle Communications Hubs that participated in both the West Seattle wide Hub drill on Sept 18th and the Citywide drill of the Auxiliary Communication Service on Oct 10th. Deb Barker has now been trained as a Morgan Junction responder, so the full MoCA board stands ready to provide backup to the main operator.

Stalled Projects – Deb Barker

The Live/Work Units at the corner of California and Graham have been delayed while the owner looks for a new owner. The other Live/Work Units at 6031 California (one block north of Graham) were delayed because the sheer walls needed to be redesigned and submitted. The project will be moving forward soon.

Parks Levy – Cindi Barker

Cindi noted that the Parks Levy will provide funding for a new park in the Morgan Urban Village. She suggested that we see what comments arise related to parks through the Neighborhood Planning process, and use the information to help guide what type of new park facilities are needed.





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