As noted in the Calendar, there will be a Neighborhood Plan Status Workshop to see how people think the implementation of the Morgan Junction Neighborhood Plan is going.  The background information prepared by the city has now been posted at

(scroll down until you find Morgan Junction).  The information in the prepared material is data that is easy for the city to generate from various sources (census, departmental information, etc), but what they don’t have is the opinion of people about things that are harder to measure.  Examples of that are  things you feel affect your quality of life, how you view sustainability in our neighborhood, changes that are having a positive or negative impact on your mobility around the neighborhood, and so on.  That’s why, even if you don’t know anything about the neighborhood plan, you come let the Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee and the Seattle Planning Commission know what you’re thinking. 

However, if you cannot attend, you can go on-line and fill out a survey at


The basic questions being asked at the workshop are:

  • Most of the neighborhoods have changed since the plans were adopted 10 years ago.  How has your neighborhood changed in the last decade since the plan was adopted, (or since you’ve been there)?
  • What changes or aspects of your neighborhood are you most pleased about? Most dissatisfied about?
  • How well are your Neighborhood Plan vision and key strategies being achieved?  Are they still the priority?
  • The city is completing neighborhood plan status reports focusing on demographics, development patterns, housing affordability, public amenities and transportation networks.  What should there be more focus on (or less focus on) as the neighborhood status reports are completed in the coming months.  Are there any important gaps in the draft status report



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