Thank you to all who responded with your thoughts on prioritztion for the next Neighborhood Street Fund projects.  After compiling the votes, the projects stacked up as follows:


#1 priority

5.       Improve pedestrian crossing at intersections in business district along California Ave.

#2 (tie)

2.       Develop landscaped entryway in existing triangles on either side of Fauntleroy Way SW at Juneau.

#2 (tie)

4.       Improve California Ave SW streetscape with installation of landscaping and street trees.

#2 (tie)

7.       Pedestrian improvements to East-west streets including SW Graham, SW Morgan, and SW Holden.

#3 (tie)

1.       Reconfigure and channel Fauntleroy Way intersections, landscape unused street ROW and islands at 40th and Juneau/39th Ave SW, 45th /Holly Pl., Lincoln Park Dr.

#3 (tie)

8.       Install traffic calming/control devices on SW Holly, 48th Ave, Frontenac & Myrtle, 38th Ave SW, Juneau, or 42nd Ave SW.

#3 (tie)

6.       Improve pedestrian crossing at signalized cross-streets and bus stops along 35th Ave sw.

#4 priority

3.       Develop green spaces at SW Holly intersection with Fauntleroy and 45th



Because no one is sure of what the effect of the Fauntleroy Way restriping project will be, as it also includes pedestrian crossing improvements, we set project items 1 and 2 on hold for this year, until we can make improvement plans that incorporate upcoming changes.  And for item 8, it was limited to only the 48th Ave SW location, as there is a volunteer effort under discussion at that location.  We were not sure where the other locations were regarding support from nearby neighbors, so we can gather that information during the upcoming year.  Final result was that project proposal sheets were sent in for items 5, 4, 7 and 8. Copies of the proposal sheets are linked below.


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