Morgan Junction information for the SW Precinct: For the past 3 years, MoCA has a seat at the Southwest Police Precinct Advisory Council, which I (Cindi) have been filling.  At the August meeting, Captain Joe Kessler requested that each representative bring back more specific monthly reports of the top public safety concerns from each neighborhood.   Soooo, I don't exactly know how to go about hearing about top concerns on a regular basis, especially since MoCA only meets quarterly.  It will take us a bit to set something in place.  For now, I will ask that if you have a concern that you would like expressed to the SW Precinct leadership, please drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Enhancements to the MoCA website: Our website is not the fanciest in town, but it has been very serviceable for our purposes.  But we're trying to expand some our capabilities and the first step was a version change, which was recently completed by our fabulous webmaster Paul Sureddin.  It's got a slightly different look, and some reorganization about how we group our projects and information, but is very similar.  The biggest change is that we now just list the calendar of events on the front page, with the full calendar available as a link. 

The end point that we are aiming for is to develop the capability to do online matching fund pledges.  We've been involved in many projects where we applied for Neighborhood Matching Fund grant money, and a required element is demonstration of community support.  This usually is in the form of a pledge to match granted money with equivalent volunteer hours or in-kind donations.  So if we can figure out a way to collect those commitments on line (as well as the traditional form), it would sure speed up the process!  And we see no reason why we couldn't make that feature available on our site to other groups who are doing the same thing.  So stay tuned while we experiment.  Check out the new look at


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