Seattle Walks Day

Well, we're a little late with the word on this one, but what Steve Sindiong says is that if the below idea interests you, he's willing to bring a group together, even if it wouldn't be on May 10th. The possibilities of what can be done range from just learning about the Morgan Junction neighborhood, to identify potential improvements to existing green spaces or city owned spaces, looking at possible improvements for in front of the new Morgan Park, or just test driving some of the proposed WS Trails in the Morgan area. Read below for more details and contact Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested.

(City press release)

May 10th, is Seattle Walks Day! As a part of the Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan, hundreds of Seattle residents will meet at 10 a.m. with neighbors, friends and families to walk their favorite routes in their communities! Participants will complete surveys that will be used to make Seattle the MOST WALKABLE CITY in the NATION!

Because you have applied for Neighborhood Street Fund, we know that you care about the safety and health of your community. We also know that you could be excited about the opportunity to encourage your neighbors to increase walking by organizing a neighborhood walk as a part of Seattle Walks Day!
Organizing a walk is EASY! Select a meeting location, invite your neighbors, determine a route, WALK and then complete the survey. Completed surveys can be mailed to the Seattle Department of Transportation or can be dropped off at any Seattle Parks and Recreation Community Center, Neighborhood Service Center or Library.
For more information about Seattle Walks Day! and the Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan, please visit On the site you will find useful information and tools to help you plan your walk including, a link to Google Maps and a flyer that you can modify and distribute to your neighbors. You can also order the surveys that you will need for your walk.

NEWS from the Orchard Street Ravine

Carol Schultz writes "As I mentioned last time - We have our own tools on site now, thanks to grant from Parks and Cascade Conservancy, Kay Thode also donated her garden tools when she and Bob moved to The Kenny Home. In addition Paul & Sharron/Prentice Design have purchased 9 additional hand mattocks (our favorite tool) to add to our collection! Thanks Paul & Sharron!

If you missed the last work party we got a Huge amount done. Tony Martin brought down his trailer and we took loads of bark up to the steep upper slopes where Tony has been eradicating the clematis and ivy that were smothering the madronas, other trees and creating huge future seed sources! Izzy, Henry and Ce Hossner let us park it in their yard and pitched in to help us with the barking. It was fun to have some new faces and neighbors joining us.

Paul gets big kudos for getting Parks to deliver some new crushed rock to help revitalize our trails!

Speaking of Trail news - Joseph Neiford, Senior Landscape Architect, Project Manager is the new manager for the trail to 38th Ave SW. He's planning to come out this week and look at a snag covered with clematis near the trail site.

"I will be taking over the project from Jon and will try to get up to speed ASAP. I am in the final stages of designing the new stairs so we should be doing that work very soon. I will meet our tree people out there soon to look at the tree. We definitely want those invasives out of there.? Thanks for your patience." Joseph

Barbara Banks has been great about forwarding us info on native plant sources and nurseries. Going native or even mixing them into your yard helps provide more habitat and cuts your water consumption. They're hardy, beautiful and easier to care for than many plants!

If you have time look around the ravine and you'll see dogwood, buttercups, ribes, wild cherry and probably other natives in bloom.

We Need Your Help To Get the Weeds Out -- so they don't smoother our new plants and take their precious water.

Think Sun ;>) See you Saturday the 10th!
Email Paul Prentice This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions


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