The following letter was recently sent by MOCA to Mr. Kevin Stoops of the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department regarding the siting of a future skatepark at the Myrtle Street Reservoir site. The reason for the letter is in response to a presentation at the April 16 MOCA meeting by Virginia Hassenger, project manager of the Myrtle Reservoir project, that it was her understanding that a decision had been made by the Parks Department that the future skatepark site for West Seattle will be at the Myrte site if funding becomes available.

The MorganCommunity Association

EldonOlson, Secretary

April 17, 2008

Mr. Kevin Stoops

Seattle Parks and Recreation

100 Dexter Ave. N.

Seattle, WA 98109-5199

Dear Mr. Stoops,

The development of the Myrtle Street Reservoir park project is now taking place within the neighborhood of the Morgan Community Association(MoCA). We are aware that construction is already under way to enclose the reservoir itself, and that plans have been developed to create peripheral public park space surrounding that reservoir. We are grateful to your department in the development of those plans.

It is our understanding that a decision has been made by theParks and Recreation department to locate a future skateboard facility (if funding becomes available) at the Myrtle Park site. It had been our understanding that a public process would be used to make a final decision onthe site. While we are not necessarily opposed to a facility at the Myrtle location, we are concerned that a public process for evaluating the merits ofthe Myrtle reservoir site, and the High Point Community Center site has not been conducted.

Please inform us if, in fact, a final decision has been made between these options. If so, who made the decision, and what were the factors that led to the decision to locate the skateboard facility at the Myrtle Street location? If not, what process will your office follow in making that determination. Thank you for your time in this matter.


Steve Sindiong, MoCA Chair

Eldon Olson, Secretary


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