Working file for MoCA

Last month, the City held a workshop on public concerns related to upcoming Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) projects. Sigrid Broderson volunteered to attend from Morgan Junction, and she reports back :

King County Wastewater Treatment "CSO" 5 year plan update-
King County held its first public workshop to address the challenges of reducing "CSO" to protect public
health and environment, Wed Oct 25. "CSO's" are discharges of untreated sewage and storm water released directly into marine waters, lakes and rivers during heavy rainfall, when the sewers have reached their capacity (usually about once/yr).

Puget sound Beaches are 1st priority. Possible projects include installation of underground storage tanks to hold temporary overflow in the Barton, Murray, and SW Alki areas in West Seattle. Public input is encouraged for the planning phase. Please see their website at