Article published in January 2006, Dept of Neighborhoods Neighborhood News.

In 2000, the Morgan Community Association received CRF funds to install a traffic calming project at 40th Ave SW and Fauntleroy Way SW. The project was installed in 2004. Along with a new concrete sidewalk and barrier extension on the east side of Fauntleroy, an overgrown, weed infested triangle on the west side was regraded and planted with trees and a new low maintenance grass called Ecoturf.

While the Parks Department agreed to provide once a year mowing, the expected effort needed to trim back the Ecoturf, within 2 years aggressive weeds overwhelmed the Ecoturf and the triangle quickly turned back into a weed infested planting, although with nice trees.

This year, nearby neighbors decided to deal with “Weed Island” just as aggressively as the plant invaders and have formed several work parties to provide mowing services to keep the weeds in check. Along with the tidy trimmed look has come the return of wildlife; several pink flamingos have been spotted nesting in the pine trees, and a Halloween decorating party may bring back bats.

Thanks go to Paul Sureddin who help coordinate the taming of Weed Island, along with neighbors Dave and Linda Gould, Shawn and Susan Terjeson, Kevin and Jaye Bywater, Mona Beery, Janine Rees, Gene Brake, Greg Stripes and others.


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