Morgan Community Association
Natalie Williams, Secretary

MoCA Meeting Minutes for January 16, 2019
7:00 Welcome and Introductions
7:05 Morgan Minute Updates
• SW District Council – Tamsen Spengler reported. SWDC meets on the first Weds. Cindi Barker presented a slide show on Early Outreach for Design Review on Jan. 2. This is the City’s new way of public announcement; they no longer do public meetings for smaller projects. Their link is on the WS Blog, and also in our October meeting minutes. Jim Gunther, fellow MoCA attendee, is filling in while Amanda/SWDC co-chair, is on leave.
• SW Precinct Advisory Committee – VP Phil Tavel was absent so Deb read his report. Call in suspicious activity! This has been helpful in SPD’s micro-policing initiative. The SPD precinct is having neighborhood meetings. You can find information on their website:
• ST3 West Seattle to Ballard Link Light Rail – Deb Barker reported that the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAG) is at ‘Level 3’ review, looking at two above ground routes and two below ground routes that end in Alaska Junction. The EIS for ST3 will be starting soon with scoping announced in February. Note that comments for previous ST3 phases will NOT be carried forward. The ST website allows you to sign up for notifications by email. The Sound Transit board is due to identify the preferred alternative route(s) in late April.

7:15 Old Business
• Lowman Beach Park Seawall Restoration - David Graves with Seattle Parks Dept. updated us on the sea wall restoration project. The 30% Design Phase Goal is by mid-Feb. A public meeting will be held the last week of Feb. The 60% milestone will be May. The sea wall is continuing to slide a bit. It doesn’t seem to be tipping any further waterward. The King Tides earlier this month were very near the top of the wall, but it wasn’t stormy. The next King Tide is Jan. 21 or so. So if it’s windy, water may breach the wall. There will be quite a bit of material (sand & gravel) added to the beach. This will benefit the general state of the beach, and may benefit the neighbors to the north. There’s caution tape around the area where what’s left of Pelly Creek is piped and outlets through the sea wall. Part of the Morgan Junction Neighborhood Plan is to ‘Daylight’ this outlet, and Parks intends to daylight Pelly Creek with this project. David will work with Jim Gunther and Sandy Adams (Pelly Creek founders) for grants on this work.
• Emergency HUB’s - Cindi Barker announced that the emergency drill will be this Spring. King County Public Health announced a response to an emergency as far as hospital needs being met. A pilot project in Enumclaw developed a plan for the local clinic to become a triage hospital. Our goal is to integrate a plan like this for West Seattle. We’ll need a steering committee to be the focal for doctors, dentists, vets, etc, but it’ll need a logistics coordinator. King County will figure out the contracts to put in place to allow Swedish doctors to work at CHI Franciscan, for example. Question: should we stockpile supplies for our neighborhood? Yes, but realize everything expires.
• Morgan Junction Park Expansion – a new focal was appointed by Parks on January 17. The MoCA Parks Expansion committee will be meeting with her ASAP.
• Litter League Next Steps – Seattle Public Utility offers matching grants each spring towards cleaning up and strengthening communities. Jill Boone is willing to work with a couple of businesses and MoCA to identify what’s needed to keep litter down year round in Morgan Junction. We’d need to decide what we want to ask for and provide matching value, as well as engage the community. She says that since she already leads volunteer clean-ups, the match should be easy! What can we ask for? It can be as simple as asking for cigarette disposal tubes or a more exciting campaign to reduce litter (posters, cig tubes, signs, etc.) or we could get really adventurous and ask to fund a position for a very part time teenager to coordinate cleanups year round and/or work on keeping Morgan Junction. Who wants to help? She’ll do the writing and legwork, once we decide on where we want to go with it. Matching grants are $5,000, so we can’t go too overboard! Contact me, Jill Boone, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. text: 650-814-1637. The grant is for $5000. Jill can also be contacted at Litter League info in the newsletter.
• MHA Comp Plan Amendment, PAH & Hearing Schedule, + SCALE – Deb reported that on November 20, 2018, the Seattle Hearing Examiner issued a ruling on the MHA EIS appeal filed by SCALE back in November 2017. MoCA joined as an appellant with SCALE and filed our own appeal. SCALE lost 99% of the appeal. The Examiner remanded additional Historic Resource review. The MHA program that was developed by past and current Mayor’s office is now in the hands of the City Council. They have set a very aggressive timeline to review of the proposed upzone maps, the proposed upzone language on fees, performance, mitigation, etc. This week they have been looking at the urban village upzone mapping since some property owners want changes to specific upzoning; Next month there will be a discussion on a myriad of amendments proposed to the legislation. We’ve talked with CM Herbold about supporting the following:
1. Our Comprehensive Plan Amendment request that there be no rezones until formal Community Based planning has occurred as well as evaluation of Pedestrian overlays.
2. Affordable home ownership with establishment a Permanently Affordable Housing (PAH) program in the single family portions of the MJ Urban Village
3. Conduct a cultural resources survey of Morgan Junction Urban Village so that we do the right thing when a property redevelops
4. Guarantee a fair and proportionate percent of the new housing units in MJUV are affordable housing units.
5. Have WSFerries join WSDOT in reducing vehicle impacts on West Seattle UVs.
Here’s the schedule:
1/16/19: District 1 review by City Council MHA Committee
2/8/19: Committee Discussion on Amendments
2/21/19: Public Hearing (5:30pm at City Hall)
2/25/19: Committee Discussion, possible vote
3/18/19: City Council Final MHA Vote

8:00 New Business
• The 2019 Morgan Festival is set for June 22, 2019, 10am to 4pm. Volunteers are needed for booth coordination, food trucks, etc. First planning meeting is Jan. 22. We’ll have music stage, vendor booths, children’s events and the Bark of Morgan. We need your help now and in June. Please Join Us!!
• New D1 Community Network – This is a newly organized group of District 1 organizations joining together because they want to do better things for the Peninsula. It is loosely structured with a rotating facilitator, functions with a strong central administration, achieves goals in Q1 of an interest Poll and DON, and offers outreach, consulting, and education/influence. Tamsen reviewed plan for District 1 monthly meeting. There are 22 neighborhood members. Purpose: Doing Better Things for the Peninsula. Three priorities were identified. Engagement with neighborhoods on issues is #1. A survey is in work. Grant education needs to be communicated so the money gets used. #3 is keeping visibility of the City budget for these grant programs.
Jim Gunther discussed the D1 survey. The D1 CommNet is a way for unorganized areas (like South Park) to have a voice in the process with the City. Next meeting is Thurs., Feb. 7. The D1 Community Network does not replace SWDC.
• Morgan Junction Age Friendly Survey - Tamsen reviewed the activities of Age Friendly Seattle. Recently, Beacon Hill did a survey to identify areas to improve livability for seniors. Tamsen is looking for walkers to carry around the AARP survey to gather similar data for MJ. Cindi suggested Tamsen coordinate with Irene, and Tamsen also will review the MJ Neighborhood Plan for this item.
• SDOT Neighborhood Street Fund – a flyer was distributed titled ‘Your Voice, Your Choice!’ The next step in project selection is February 19 for District 1, so there’s still time to enter your suggestion on their website: On February 2, there is an Open House at Youngstown to review the proposed projects. Morgan Junction didn’t submit one this year. Also, Your Voice, Your Choice voting is open through Feb. 28.
• A Community Involvement Commission position in Dept. of Neighborhoods is open for District 1.
• Deb announced slate of officers to be voted on for 2-year terms at the April meeting:
2019 Board Elections - for Annual Meeting (4/17/19) vote
President – Deb Barker
Vice President – Phil Tavel
Treasurer – Michael Brunner
Secretary – Natalie Williams
SW District Council Representative
Public Information – Marianne Holsman

8:45 Adjournment

Next MoCA meeting: Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 7:00pm


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