Welcome and Introductions – Performed by Phil. Board members present: Phil, Cindi, Tamsen, Eldon and Natalie.

Elections - The Slate of Officers presented was approved: President – Deb Barker, Vice President – Phillip Tavel, Treasurer – Eldon Olson, Secretary – Natalie Williams, Community Information – Cindi Barker, SW District Council Representative – Tamsen Spengler.

Morgan Minute Updates

Morgan Junction Mural status – yes it’s in work; more details at April meeting.

Morgan Park Expansion Planning Committee Upcoming Meeting on Feb. 20 – time and place

will be posted on the MoCA website. (Confirmed, Feb 20, 7:00 pm, Café Ladro)

Highpoint Library Upgrades-Community Celebration for reopen: Sun. Jan 29 1- 3 – announced.

Lowman Beach Park status – it is unknown yet if the sea wall will have to be moved; more details in April.

35th Ave Status – Cindi read the below SDOT letter about Greenway planning in work, and

asked folks to comment during Phase 2: The Seattle Department of Transportation has been doing outreach inWest Seattle since summer 2016, including attending public meetings, hosting an online survey, and mailing materials. We asked community members where they wanted the greenway route to go north-south in the neighborhood roughly parallel to35thAve SW.We heard from hundreds of people and have now closed our first phase of outreach. Over the next few months, we’ll be looking at data, citywide plans, and what we heard from community members to come up with a most promising route. We’ll then share the most promising route withWest Seattlefor phase 2 of outreach so we can learn what people think about the proposal. The greenway is scheduled to be built in 2019. More info is athttp://www.seattle.gov/transportation/WSeattleGreenway.htm.

MHA/HALA Workshop for Morgan – moving out to probably Feb. Will be announced on MoCA website as well as in local media.


Old Business

SW District Council News – Tamsen reported that the Council is still meeting although funding

has been pulled. The by-laws are being updated to reflect this, and are still evolving.

-The City is starting a cycle for funding Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund projects, this year called “Your Voice, Your Choice”. $90K per project is available. The city will use Participative Budgeting’, that is, candidate projects can be proposed by anyone through a variety of means, downselected by a committee and the top project will be voted on by all citizens by email,. Projects are to be capital improvements in parks or streets rights of way and include things like sidewalks, crosswalks, parks playground equipment and other infrastructure additions. The application form is not yet available on the City website and more details will be available when the cycle kicks off.

Murray CSO Update – Kelly (and Sophie) presented this King County pilot project status and

some background. She reviewed the combined rain and sewer system of West Seattle, and reported that the one million gallon storage tank was tested successfully. Overflow will go to the Magnolia treatment facility. Landscape is almost complete, and the public gate will open then. The west fence will remain until everything is completed. An attendee asked if it could be moved off the sidewalk, onto the dirt, to allow safer pedestrian and bicycle use. Kelly said she would ask. Chas noted that this pilot project was a good example of ‘green’ infrastructure; kudos to the County. Another attendee asked how much does this plant reduce of overflow (dumping into the Sound)? Kelly said that analysis shows we’ll be down to one ‘event’ from three per year.                     

SW Precinct Advisory Group – Phil reported that there are four new bicycle cops this year, and

reminded all to be alert for package and property theft. Last month police tailed delivery trucks, and thwarted a number of thefts, resulting in at least two arrests. Car prowl is still a problem. Since heroin use is up, petty theft is up. Don’t leave even a sweater in your car, and call 911 if you see ANY and all suspicious activity.

Morgan Junction Festival – It’s June 17, 2017 this year, and we while we have a great committee covering our operating plan, we still need a volunteer coordinator. More info is on the website. Let any Board member know if you’re available.

New Business                                                           

2035 Comp Plan/MJ Urban Village Housing Targets – Cindi reviewed that many other city

neighborhood plans were updated, but ours wasn’t. The city considered those plans ‘good for 20 years’, so now it’s time to update. We agree, but want some say in the update. Our growth estimate was 220 units in those 20 years, and is 400 for the next. Current capacity is 447 units. The HALA proposed target is 587, and does not guarantee that any of it will be ‘Affordable’. One attendee asked how to get this information and Cindi will post links to our Neighborhood Plan and the Comprehensive Plan on our website.

New Morgan Development - there was a request for MoCA to somehow track all new development happening in the Morgan Junction Urban Village. That would be so people could know when the comment period is for new construction in their area. While there are tools for this, our current volunteers do not have the capacity to keep up with tracking and posting or otherwise putting out the information as public. If someone has ideas and wants to try doing this, please contact Cindi.


MHA in Morgan Junction MoCA is the steward of the Morgan Junction Neighborhood Plan.  Consistent with our role as stewards, we perform a review of any new, major City proposals which would affect the Morgan Junction Urban Village (MJUV). The board reviewed the Mandatory Housing Affordability program rezoning of Morgan Junction, as we understand it, and provided a summary letter reviewing how our plan supports or does not support the proposed changes. Phil described the layout of our response letter, and how to note our comments in the right column. One attendee asked if we could expect a fair resolution based on the city’s interaction to our plan from the ‘90’s. We were non-committal, but noted that these changes seem to violate other neighborhood plans as well, including Alaska Junctions. The response letter was put to a vote of acclamation. The majority voted ‘Yay’, with one ‘Nay’, and 2 abstentions.       

Link to letter sent here


MHA and HALA Next Steps – Cindi announced that the city plans a ‘Workshop’ which would be different than the one at Shelby’s, but not a date or location. At this workshop, we would have a presentation and break out into tables for facilitated discussion about the proposed changes. She noted that all comments and any resulting changes are supposed to be considered for the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). An attendee asked if the city did the promised mitigation for the last EIS. Cindi referred her to the city “wayback machine” archives to dig through. There was discussion and consternation about water and sewer and traffic infrastructure impacts. Another concern was lack of commitment by the city to put the Affordable Housing in the village that generated the fees. Cindi noted that there is a ‘Citizen Initiative’ about impact fees in work. One attendee noted that the upzone on the maps “looks like a lot more than 589 units”, and asked why would it go up more than one floor when that’s not what we agreed? Cindi reminded everyone to write down their questions and concerns, and bring them to the Workshop sponsored by Councilman Johnson.   Cindi also invited anyone inspired by this issue to join the Board as a ‘land use focal’. Phil asked everyone to talk to their neighbors about this, and generate interest. He noted we may have another meeting in 6 weeks (March 1 timeframe) to build consensus.

Adjournment – Handouts:

  1. Agenda, 2) Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets, 3) Growth Strategy Appendix, 4) MoCA Response to HALA Proposal (Draft)

Next MoCA meeting:

                  Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 7:00pm, The Kenney


Download this file (MoCA Review of MHA Proposed Upzones and NH Plan.pdf)MoCA Review of MHA Proposed Upzones and NH Plan.pdf[Letter sent to HALA and OPCD staff regarding prposed MHA upzones in Morgan Junction]216 kB


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