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Article VIII for MoCA By-Laws:
The Neighborhood Fund

Article VIII: MoCA Neighborhood Fund

1.  Fund Purpose

1.1. The MoCA Neighborhood Fund is a financial resource established to benefit Morgan Junction. The purpose of the fund is to support land use goals and policies in the Morgan Junction Neighborhood Plan and provide a community forum to coordinate with the City of Seattle, while ensuring that Morgan Junction is a better place to live, work, shop and enjoy.

1.2. No portion of the MoCA Neighborhood Project Fund shall be used in any of the following:

  1. For any personal gain to an elected officers of the Morgan Community Association (MoCA) and the Admiral Neighborhood Association (ANA);
  2. For any local, state, or national political issue or campaign, including lobbying;
  3. The funds cannot jeopardize ANA’s 501 (c)(3) status;
  4. Funds cannot create a conflict of interest with the ANA mission;
  5. No gaming, including any associated with fundraising.

1.3. Monies from the MoCA Neighborhood Fund may be awarded to Morgan Area residents with projects that meet the mission of the fund, based on procedures identified in this Article. 

 2. Grant Application

2.1. Morgan Area residents interested in obtaining monies from the MoCA Neighborhood Fund shall apply to the Morgan Community Association using forms supplied by the Association. These forms shall be based on the City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) grant for Small and Simple Grant requirements.

2.2. Requesting Morgan Area resident(s) must submit two (2) copies of the MoCA Neighborhood Fund Grant Application. No filing fee is required. 

3. Grant Approval

3.1. The MoCA Neighborhood Fund Grant Application must be reviewed by two (2) MoCA Officers to ensure both the appropriateness of request and the completeness of application. The reviewers may require additional information about the funding request. The reviewers must certify that an application is complete before it may proceed to the final approval process.

3.2. Morgan Area residents with an application to the MoCA Neighborhood Fund that has been determined to be complete must request to be placed on agenda for the next available MoCA neighborhood quarterly meeting and/or MoCA Neighborhood Special meeting.

3.3. Requesting Morgan Area resident(s) must formally present their request to neighborhood meeting attendees at one of the meetings identified in section 3.2. Copies of application and any other materials should be presented at meeting by requesting Morgan Area resident(s). Time for discussion, questions/answers, and/or concerns will be allowed to ensure meeting attendees understand the issue and scope of the request.

3.4. After the Morgan Area resident(s) has presented their request and a discussion on the request has occurred, a vote must be held to approve or deny the request. A majority vote (50% plus one of meeting attendees) of neighborhood residents is required for request approval. If the request is denied, the requesting Morgan Area resident(s) may resubmit the request after adequately addressing any neighborhood residents concerns.

4. Approved Grant(s)

4.1. For all grant requests approved, the Requesting Morgan Area resident(s) must present updates of the grant at MoCA neighborhood quarterly meetings until any of the following results have occurred:

  1. The desired result of the grant has been achieved, or
  2. A resolution to the issue has not been achieved and no further action is to be taken, or
  3. The grant funds have been exhausted.

5. Payments of Approved Grant(s)

5.1. If the requested grant application is approved, the Requesting Morgan Area resident(s) must submit invoices to the MoCA Treasurer for payment. The invoices shall not exceed the amount of the Grant.

5.2. The MoCA Treasurer must confirm the following:

  1. The submitted invoice(s) is an appropriate expense based on the requestor’s approved grant application;
  2. The submitted invoice(s) does not exceed the approved grant amount; and
  3. That any necessary tax ID of the payee is acquired prior to payment being issued.

5.3. The MoCA Treasurer shall forward the submitted invoice(s) to the ANA treasurer for prompt payment.

5.4. The MoCA Treasurer makes any required reports of activity to the MoCA board and/or meeting attendees.


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