Morgan Community Association (MoCA) Quarterly Meeting, January 21, 2015, The Kenney, 7:00pm

Announcements & Updates: Deb Barker, MoCA president, opened the meeting by going over announcements and updates with some updates provided by those performing the work:

  • The MoCA Bylaws updated in 2012 will be online at the website;
  • The existing executive board of MoCA will change, Chas Redmond is stepping down as Vice President and Sean Gamble is stepping down as Secretary;
  • Joe Parr announced that the Little Library for the Morgan Junction Park has been ordered. The library will be located to the North of the existing public information kiosk at the southeast end of the park. Parks will prepare the site, pour a footing and install the Little Library;
  • Tod Rodman noted that the West Seattle Land Use Committee will be holding their first meeting on January 28, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Admiral (West Seattle) Library. (Editor note: this meeting was subsequently cancelled due to a conflicting event.)
  •  Neighborhood Match Fund applications are due February 2.
  • Eldon Olson noted that MoCA membership had indicated they wanted to hear from City departments on a rotating basis and James Bush from Department of Neighborhoods was our first pick. Each meeting a city guest will be given 20 minutes to go over that department's operations and take questions from Morgan members.

Special Guest: James Bush, Department of Neighborhoods manager of Neighborhood Match Fund, Neighborhood District Coordinators, and Neighborhood Planning Update Outreach programs. Karen Gordon is his counterpart for the Historic Preservation Program and P-Patch Program.

James gave a bit of history for the match fund program, stating it was created in 1998 to provide funds for neighborhood improvement. If you can raise funds or volunteer hours you can apply for a grant. Sparks is an easier grant program which is open all the time. It takes 6 weeks for a Sparks grant to be completed but applicants will know within two weeks of submitting whether they will be approved. For the match fund programs, James said the match was $20 per citizen/volunteer hour.

James then went over the Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund and noted that it's a simpler application with only two pages to fill out. This deadline is February 9, 2015 after which the Parks and Transportation Departments review the applications by April/May and return them to Department of Neighborhoods to provide final review and ranking. James also indicated that the Department provides assistance to Neighborhood Planning Updates and that there are about two or three neighborhoods a year which get this assistance.


Murray Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO): Kelley Foley, King County Wastewater Division, gave an update on the Lowman Beach project. She said the tank was now under construction after the foundation was poured with over 5,000 cubic yards of concrete. The tank construction began with a floor concrete pour of about 2,000 cubic yards of concrete, resulting in way fewer trucks passing through the neighborhood than the previous pour. Kelley noted that after community input, the County contacted the concrete contractors and reminded them of the specific inbound and outbound routes through the area around Lowman Beach. Kelley said they had about 90 percent compliance with drivers abiding in the correct route in and out.

The next step will be construction of the tank walls. Kelley said there will be four partitions inside the tank which will create five fill/empty zones and this work will take a fair amount of time as each of the tank walls will need carpenters to make forms and rebar to be placed. The completion of the tank should be by the end of this Summer with the rest of the superstructure and control facility (above-ground structures) construction beginning by Fall 2015.

Fauntleroy-California SW Intersection: Chas Redmond reported that Mike Ward and Jonathan Dong, Seattle Department of Transportation staff, needed an additional week to provide data on the number of cut-through traffic vehicles using adjacent neighborhood streets instead of remaining on California Avenue SW. Chas will check back with SDOT the last week of January to see if the data is available. This may be relevant to a ranking of Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund applications which MoCA puts forth.

Morgan Community Neighborhood Plan Update/Nazarene Church: Deb Barker explained that when the Morgan Community voted to approve the zoning change to allow townhouses to be constructed in a Single Family Home zone to provide reparation funds for the Nazarene Church, this triggered a change in the Morgan Community Urban Village Plan. Deb continued that MoCA held a special meeting to consider changes to the Morgan plan and that several options were considered and one objective was selected to be modified to allow for the zoning change. A letter indicating the change in the Morgan Plan language was forwarded to the Department of Planning and Development and to the City Council Land Use Committee under Councilmember Mike O'Brien citing the vote and the community's desire to change the language of the urban village plan. The next steps are for hearings at City Hall to review all zoning changes and urban village plan changes.

Seattle Pedestrian Zone: Cindi Barker gave a recap of the conversations between the Morgan Community and DPD regarding the pedestrian overlay proposal for the Morgan Urban Village. Cindi said that Morgan was the only community to not want some pedestrian overlay applied but DPD was still recommending no overlay for Morgan. There were comments from the members which noted that sections of 35th Avenue SW near SW Morgan Street and SW Holden Street were indicated on DPD's proposed pedestrian zone map. Those areas are outside the urban village demarcation and were not part of the conversations which the Morgan Community Association had with DPD regarding the pedestrian overlay. The community in attendance seemed to agree that these areas along 35th Avenue SW could use some pedestrian enhancement.

Receivership Committee: Deb Barker gave a brief recount of how mitigation funds for a Morgan Junction project were considered by a MoCA committee comprised of Tod Rodman, Fred Madrid, Cindi Barker, Monica Lundgren and Deb. The committee selected the Admiral Neighborhood Association to act as a fiscal sponsor (501(c)(3)) for deposit and disbursement of the $25,000 neighborhood compensation. The compensation was received on December 31 and deposited with ANA. The next step is to conclude agreement discussions between MoCA and ANA regarding the role and responsibilities of ANA as the fiscal sponsor. These discussions will be completed by the end of February.

Bike Racks: Cindi Barker gave a brief update on work by the City to install bike racks along California Avenue SW. The bike rack supplied by the City will be a standard "U"-shaped metal stand. Several businesses along California Avenue SW are working with a small committee (Tod Rodman from MoCA and Mark Brennan from 2nd Gear Sports) to see if a more attractive or distinctive bicycle rack could be purchased for installation in front of specific businesses. SDOT would still install these racks but the purchase of the non-standard rack would be up to the individual businesses. There is a May deadline to get the list of locations and any special bike rack purchases to the City. There was discussion if there was money in the MoCA account to purchase more attractive bike racks for Morgan Junciton Park, but MoCA just barely broke even on the 2014 Festival, so there is no extra money available. 


Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal: Deb Barker noted that the Fauntleroy Community Association had send MoCA an e-mail notice about upcoming construction at the Fauntleroy Ferry Dock. In addition to the existing Barton Pump project at the Ferry Terminal, FCA noted that Washington State Ferries and the FCA Ferry Committee were in discussion about the impact of planned upgrades to the Ferry Terminal and landing area. FCA invited MoCA to participate in mutual discussions with Washington State Ferries because the expected backup of Ferry-bound traffic along Fauntleroy Way SW is expected to impact locations within the Morgan Community area, perhaps as far back as past the Kenney and Gatewood School areas.

Morgan Park Expansion: Cindi Barker reported that Parks acquisition manager Chip Nivens says they expect a "notice to vacate" to be send to the existing dry cleaner and Mini-Mark businesses soon. Nivens said once that occurs, demolition can occur within 90 days following and afterwards the area would undergo soil decontamination and toxic removal. Nivens indicated that remediation activities could take as little as a few weeks though Deb and Cindi both noted that was probably not likely but was a "best case." Following remediation, Parks would provide some form of cover crop and MoCA would then work with parks on a development plan. Community members voiced comments that the owners of the mimi mart indicated they expected to be closed by May 18, 2015.

Morgan Community Business Association: Eldon Olson gave a report on ideas which came from some of the Morgan area businesses indicating they would appreciate or like to see a "business association" of some form. The Morgan area businesses provide the majority of the funds used to support the annual Morgan Community Festival and are all very supportive of the Morgan Community in general. Eldon suggested that MoCA try some form of business roundtable; MoCA could apply for a Sparks grant and host a "meet and greet" and invite all 110 separate Morgan Junction area businesses. The outcome would be a community-business mixer which could be a regular or periodic event. There was interest in following up on this idea. 

Morgan Festival Planning: Deb Barker noted that the date for the 2015 Morgan Community Festival had been selected and is Saturday, June 20. There will be a festival planning meeting on January 30 at a time and place TBD.

MoCA Bookkeeper: Eldon Olson noted that he has been Treasurer for the past several years and is happy to continue in that role but doesn't especially enjoy performing the accounting functions. In light of that, Eldon introduced Beth Mattern, a certified accountant with her own local accounting business, who would work with Eldon to provide financial and accounting support for Morgan Community Association. It was Moved, Seconded and Passed that Beth Mattern be authorized to act as bookkeeper for the Morgan COmmunity Association, with no nay votes and one abstention. Beth will be added to the MoCA financial and bank signature list.

Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund: Cindi Barker handed out a list of completed projects which have occurred in the Morgan Junction area from previous years and a listing of current projects which are in the system to be considered. Cindi suggested that the neighbors review the Morgan Community Urban Village Plan and see what projects and suggested improvements are listed in the plan which still have not been completed and consider adding those to the project list for the next round of Parks and Street Fund applications in February 2016. Cindi cited several examples which could fit including further development of Solstice Park and the charting and implementation of Morgan Community area walking trails. She and the Board will take additional input and will prepare the paperwork for the February 9, 2015 submittal deadline. 

2015 Morgan Community Association Elections:

Deb Barker presented a slate of officers for consideration and voting at the April MoCA meeting. The slate consists of:
President - Deb Barker
Vice President - Jason Wax
Treasurer - Eldon Olson
Secretary - (currently open)

In addition, the following persons are proposed to be additional members of the Executive Board: 

Southwest District Council MoCA Representative - Tod Rodman
MoCA Public Information Officer - Cindi Barker

Adjournment: Deb Barker adjourned the meeting at 9:00 pm

Minutes prepared by Chas Redmond


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