2014-07-16 Morgan Community Association Quarterly Meeting Minutes

MoCA - The Morgan Community Association

Sean Gamble, Secretary


Minutes from Meeting Agenda – July 16, 2014

Welcome and Introductions                        Deb Barker


Announcements and Updates                    MoCA Board   

  • Morgan Junction Festival. We had great weather and great attendance.  The mobile stage worked well.  The Bubbleman was very popular. The Bite of Morgan went well. Thriftway’s BBQ was very popular and resulted in a generous donation to MoCA. We had over 40 vendor booths. We added new sponsor levels. The need for volunteers continues on a yearly basis. For the 2015 Festival, we will need a new PR person. Thank you to everyone who worked, volunteered, and participated in the Festival.
  • Nazarene Church Rezone request. The attending membership at the spring meeting voted to support this request. We received a status update that their request has been approved to move forward on the 2015 Comp Plan Amendments docket. 
  • Juneau @ California NPSF Grant. This application to make pedestrian and bike improvements on California Ave SW at SW Juneau Street was passed by the SWDC, and is progressing through the approval process; the final decision will be this fall by the City Council and the Mayor.
  • The 30-unit studio apartment building project at the 6900 block of California (between Mills and Willow) has been going through the review and appeal process, but the developer has now agreed to some specific conditions in order for the appeal to be dropped.  More details to come.
  • West Seattle Parade (July 19). The MoCA group will march in the parade, everyone welcome. And we can all wear gorgeous green shirts and walk together. 11 AM. Meet up at the NW corner of Hiawatha Park and check in at the table.
  • Friends of Morgan Junction Park. The Fauntleroy-Juneau Triangle will be addressed in September. Summer help irrigation help is needed for Morgan Junction Park. August 9 (Saturday) will be the party to celebrate the acquisition of the new toolbox for the Park. Peace Lutheran deserves appreciation for their participation in cleaning up the Thriftway Triangle green-space.
  • West Seattle Land Use Committee (August 27). The Committee is still looking for a location for the meeting. Check with Vlad Oustimovitch, Sharonn Meeks, or Yun Pietre for meeting details (Yun.Pitre[at]seattle.gov).

Old Business


7:10    California @ Fauntleroy Level of Service            

Mike Ward & Jonathan Dong, SDOT

The issue is how the intersection is functioning. Mr. Ward shared the 2009 baseline information, with C and D levels of service. Starting last fall, Mr. Dong looked at the overall levels of service in the area and conducted an analysis. This analysis is available in a four-page memo written by consulting firm DKS. In conclusion, there is a C-level of service during the AM peak hours, and C- and D-levels of service during the PM peak hours.  A comment was made requesting a traffic roundabout at 41st and Holly. A question to research was to look at total flow-through traffic in Morgan Junction, including side-routed, cut-through traffic. There is also significant back-up for westbound Morgan traffic as it joins Fauntleroy. There is also a question as to whether an “ALL-WALK” in the Morgan Junction intersection could improve traffic flow times; the studies and operations related to the implementation of the “ALL WALK” at the Alaska Junction. A concern related to this is the speed of some vehicles on Fauntleroy. In sum, there appear to be four action items: (1) how close is the intersection to tipping to E-level service; (2) how do we respond to the cut-through traffic; (3) how do we address the bus-on-bus back-up; and (4) can we look at an “ALL WALK” variable as to whether that would improve the level of service. Additional remarks: Rapid Ride stops lack additional information regarding Metro connections.  SDOT and Jonathan Dong are invited to the October meeting to follow up with new and additional information.

7:30     Pedestrian Zone Mapping                    Ali Pennuci, DPD

Generally, a pedestrian zone designation is to promote pedestrianism and businesses in mixed used neighborhoods. The designation adds some zoning restrictions. Morgan Junction was one of 60 areas to consider for a pedestrian zone. DPD has received feedback from the community that it does not want a pedestrian zone designation as it doesn’t quite fit with the neighborhood plan. DPD is looking at some proposed changes to the regulations, including expanding the list of potential business types. DPD is also looking at revising the parking requirements for pedestrian zones. Ms. Pennuci’s current thinking may be to recommend a “no” for Morgan Junction as a pedestrian zone designation.  She hopes to be able to publish the revised analysis and recommendations in late August or September. DPD will report to the Plus Committee for Council.

7:50    CALSeattle                              Cindi Barker

Some months ago, a petition letter was posted by the Coalition for an Affordable Livable Seattle (CALSeattle) with over 400 signatures and 15 groups supporting it. There were six main topics that the letter called for City Council to address now. The CALSeattle group got a meeting with the Mayor and had a good discussion. A motion was made and seconded for MoCA to support the petition letter. A discussion was held. This coalition has the potential to integrate existing values and improving transparency on these issues. The motion carried.

Coalition for an Affordable Livable Seattle http://calseattle.wordpress.com


New Business

8:00    Safe Routes                              Brian Dougherty, SDOT

The City is doing speed enforcement cameras in all school zones. The fines from speeding violations go to support safety in school zones. Flashing lights and/or new cameras will go in on Roxbury Street and Fauntleroy (near Fairmont School). SDOT is looking at the volume of traffic and the speed of cars.  Our Lady of Guadalupe on 35th is a potential future location.  A comment was made that some of the crosswalks need repainted; some of the side streets off California also need crosswalks. Another comment is that textured crosswalks can be very effective at calming traffic. Comments can be made at (206) 684-5124; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This fall they expect to propose the next locations.

8:15    Morgan Junction Business District                Cindi Barker

After planting street trees, we still have money to consider bike racks. A survey was done and it appears that we have enough racks. More business owners are helping to contribute to grant writing and making projects. Business owners may begin to pull themselves together to organize as a kind of local chamber of commerce. If anyone has ideas for organizing, please let us know. We think we have about 50 local businesses on our website. Todd Rodman volunteered to help organize this.

8:30    Metro’s 128 Route                        Pete Widowitz

Metro has posted that Routes 128 and 21 will be canceled. Route 50 will be restructured. The Route 21 replacement will be the Route 50. Route 128 will be entirely restructured to come up from Delridge, to Genesee, to Alaska Junction. Route128 no longer serves anything west of the community college. The consequence for Morgan Junction is that we will only have Rapid Ride C line. Chas pointed out that Morgan Junction, as a designated urban village hub, needs to have the City prioritizing mass transit here instead of degrading it. Cindi suggested a motion, which Chas seconded, for MoCA to write a letter to the Mayor, City Council, SDOT, and Metro saying that we deserve more transportation and ask that route 128 be preserved in Morgan Junction. The motion carried unopposed.

Announcement: www.solarizewa.org is helping to promote solar energy in Seattle. Please visit the site for more information.

The NEXT MoCA meeting will be on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 7:00 PM

The Kenney, 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW


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