Wednesday, April 16 7pm-9pm

Morgan Community Association Meeting Minutes


Welcome and Introductions                                                       Deb Barker

Announcements and Updates                                                    MoCA Board   

  • Business links and new MoCA Website. Cindi explained how the MoCA website has been rehosted. It is free. We are working on it being more active with links to businesses. Please contact us if you know of a business that would like to be included. Here is the site:
  • May 17, 2014 Emergency Hubs Drill. This will be a simulated lahar-related emergency. We need actors who can play people in need. This will be posted on the website. This happen from 9 AM through 12 PM at Ercolini Park.
  • The Bridge has an application in process to place tables along the California Avenue sidewalk. There is a comment period open now; the deadline for comments is April 22.
  • Friends of Morgan Junction Parks. On May 4 at 10:30 AM at the Thriftway Triangle, FoMJPs will work to tidy this area along with a contingent of volunteers from Peace Lutheran.  On May 11 at 11 AM, we will do more work on the Park itself. Please join us!

7:05      Murray/Lowman CSO                                                   Doug Marsano, King Co.

This project is underway. The purpose is to help keep storm water overflow and sewage overflow out of Puget Sound. The first upcoming and ongoing step is to stabilize the hillside. This involves steel rods and concrete. This step will continue through early May. The next step is to control the groundwater stability; the groundwater level is high because the site is close to sea level.  The expected total finish time for the CSO project will be in 2016.  The project hotline is (206) 205-9186. Here is a link to more information:


7:15      California @ Fauntleroy Level of Service                       Mike Ward, SDOT

Mike was the project manager for the C-Line capital improvements in West Seattle. Mike is here to follow up and report on the traffic conditions at California and Fauntleroy, post-construction. There have been questions about levels of service before and after the creation of the bus bulbs at the intersection. SDOT did traffic counts at the intersection. Levels of service are rated between “A” and “E.”  Before the construction of bus bulbs, the historic levels of service hovered between “C” and “D” during peak rush hour times. The current traffic count still hasn’t been done yet, although this was requested in October.  A question was asked about adding an “all walk” review for simulating levels of service at this intersection. The signals operations person is responsible for implementing the “wait… wait…” talking boxes at the intersection; this is related to ADA requirements and new NTSA standards.


7:25      Micro-housing Legislation Update                                 Cindi Barker

MoCA has been the steward of the neighborhood plan for 10+ years. We try to keep up with city proposals that may affect our neighborhood.  Currently the codes in DPD seem to allow for micro-housing; the proposed legislation is meant to standardize the implementation of micro-housing projects. If this interests you, it is important to get involved.  Micro-housing is defined as up to 8 bedrooms with bathrooms centralized around a kitchen. That is called one unit. The rental prices per square foot appear to be high in practice, despite the touted intended concept of micro-housing providing affordable housing. Cindi strongly encourages people to review the proposed legislation. Dates to be aware of: April 18 will have briefing at City Council; May 19 is the public hearing; June 17 is the projected possible vote. By the time of our next quarterly meeting in July, this issue may be past. If you go to the DPD site, you can find additional information regarding ongoing initiatives. Here is additional information:


7:35      Morgan Junction Land Use Topics:

            Pedestrian Zone Mapping: DPD made a decision to offer 62 neighborhoods to become a “pedestrian zone.” One concern is that the pedestrian zone conditions might exclude service-oriented professions. There are other concerns too, including canyon effects that can occur when all sides of a street are built up vertically.  Another concern is whether there is City funding to implement the requirements, such as bicycle racks, as well as mitigation issues, like spillover parking. There is also a confusing part about floor area ratios, which might be removed by the City. There was a motion, which was seconded, to send a letter from MoCA to DPD. The motion passed overwhelmingly, 42 to approve, with 4 abstentions.  There were 44 people present for this vote. Here is a site with more information:


 Low-rise zoning changes: The DPD created an allowance to go up to four stories from three in high-density, frequent transit areas. Some of these buildings have become five stories with slope manipulation. Here is more information:


            West Seattle land use committee                                Cindi Barker & Chas Redmond

This committee meets once per month, first Wednesday of each month at the Senior Center at Alaska and Oregon. It is open to anyone. The goal is to aggregate all of the activity from DPD, SDOT, and other entities that make changes to our community, so we can be ahead of the curve and have a dialogue with community members and leaders. If you are interested in these issues, please send an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


7:55      Morgan Junction Festival Update                                  Eldon Olson & Tod Rodman

Saturday, June 21 is the date for the Morgan Junction Festival. We will have stages and vendor booths. Bubbleman will give a performance.  We are particularly interested in adding vendor booths from non-profit associations.  Young at Art and Children’s Gym will participate. We will have the Bite of Morgan and the Bark of Morgan.  This year we will have a couple food trucks.  We anticipate between 700 and 1000 attendees at the Festival.  The funding of this venture is carried by generous local merchants and benefactors. One level of support is $50 with mention of your name in the materials distributed to festival goers. Another level of support at $300 is the patron level, with your name put on banners at the Festival. We need volunteers to help! Please volunteer to help.


8:00      Solar Presentation                                                         Mia Divine, Solarize WA         

Eli Sealey works for a non-profit called Northwest Seed, which is working with Seattle City Light to encourage solar energy. If you are interested in having solar on your home, there will be workshops starting in July. Solarize will put on these workshops.  They are also look for volunteers to help orient the solar energy push. There is a volunteer orientation on Tuesday, April 29, at 6 PM at High Point Branch Library. Please volunteer. Here is a site with more information:  For more information, you can email Eli at this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


8:10      West Seattle Transit Coalition and Prop 1                      Deb Barker

MoCA has endorsed this coalition to monitor and advocate on transportation-related issues for West Seattle. Prop 1, if passed, would add funding to support transit, which experienced state-level cuts. West Seattle Transportation Coalition supports Prop 1. April 22 is the voting deadline. More information can be found here:


8:15      CALSeattle Letter:

            Coalition for an Affordable Livable Seattle               Deb Barker and Cindi Barker

Please review the petition letter for information on the Coalition for an Affordable Livable Seattle. This is an open letter to the City and the Mayor. The letter expresses concerns related to the impacts caused by developers, who externalize certain costs onto the public, including wear on roads and bridges. Developers should pay impact fees. The letter expresses an interest in promoting affordable housing. The letter also asks for protections for Seattle’s urban canopies and streams. There is a petition here that can be reviewed and signed: 


Special presentation

8:30      Nazarene Church Residential Development          David Nieman, Nieman Architects project information andalink to aYoutube video of the project,

Joe Parr presented on this project. It would help the one hundred year old church near California and Juneau. It is in need of renovation, but it doesn’t have funding for that. An option for helping the church is to rezone and develop vacant land adjacent to the church. Townhouses would be built there along with a private park. The community can vote on the colors for the townhouses. The community can also give impact on the playground in the private park.  The private park would be built and maintained with private funds, but the park would be open to the public.  The parsonage home and church would remain.  The three large trees would of course be preserved.  There would also be a community garden.  The leadership for the development asked for MoCA endorsement and support for the proposed rezone. A motion was made and seconded for MoCA to support the comprehensive plan amendment. It passed unanimously (with roughly 50 community attendees).



The NEXT MoCA meeting will be on Wednesday,July 16, 2014at 7:00 PM, The Kenney, 7125 Fauntleroy Way


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