A dozen different authors from West Seattle will present their books throughout the one-day event 10:30 am to 6:00 pm as a part of the Morgan Junction Festival on Saturday, June 20th

Merryweather Books on California Avenue has agreed to be the official bookseller for “Meet the Authors” both at the festival and at the bookstore year round.

Lists of authors, their featured books and the time of their individual presentations will be available so audience members can choose which authors they want to hear, which books to purchase, what time the writers will be appearing, and whether to stay for just a while or for a relaxed hour or more. Included in the presentations will be books of memoirs, Greek mythology and mystery novels, grief guidance, adult fantasy, poetry, prose, fiction, “true life (archery) adventures” and inspirational/motivational literature.

The purpose of this particular activity within the Festival is to promote the books of local authors of all genres, and the writers themselves, as individuals and as a group of cooperating West Seattle authors. Presentations will be scheduled every 15 min. and will include readings, book signing, questions/answers, a musical performance, or whatever the author wants to do. Some audience seating will be provided in booths behind Zeek’s Pizza, on the corner of Morgan and California.

Allan Batchelder – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Author of Steel, Blood & Fire, Immortal Treachery, Book One, a gritty, epic fantasy that centers on the conflict between a mad sorcerer and a legendary warrior called The Reaper, and, As Flies to Wanton Boys, Immortal Treachery, Book Two, that follows the Reaper and his companions on a quest across the world. Their discoveries will change everything, forever. (Each book published by Amazon Digital Services, Inc., 2013).

Batchelder is also a professional actor, educator and former stand-up comedian. In addition to the two novels, he’s also written plays, screenplays, online articles, dialogue for computer games, greeting card sentiments and more. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in acting from the National Theatre Conservatory and a Master’s in Teaching from Seattle Pacific University. Allan lives in Seattle with his wife and son, where he enjoys walks on the beach, reading in the garden and puttering around on his computer.

Christine Brant – www.christinebrant.com

Red and Grey is a recreation of the folktale “Little Red Riding Hood”, appearing to be heavily influenced by other stories from the collection of the Brothers Grimm but is so much more than a simple retelling of the original. “Extensive world-building is used in this story to construct a mystical universe that contains a rich history and many layers of detail.”

Christine Brant is a West Seattle author who lives with her husband, children, and pets. She won the Surrey International Storytellers Award in 2007 with her short story “A Decade of Scottsdale”. She’s worked at West Seattle High School and in her spare time, when not herding cats and kids, she loves to read and gaze out her window at the Puget Sound.

Jeanette Chaplin – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Flowers of the Field mystery novels: Fireweed Glow, Sunflower Dungeon, and Bluebonnet Meltdown – The Hammer in the Stone (self-published).

After 20 years of teaching college composition classes, Chaplin, author/educator/ editor/mentor, is making her experience and expertise available to other aspiring authors and has been giving writers’ workshops and helping individual authors with their writing projects. Her writing includes mystery novels, articles, short stories, poetry, and a one-act play. She has been published in inspirational publications, writers newsletters, and online “how-to” sites.

Nicole Hardy – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Confessions of a Latter-day Virgin (Hachette Books, August 20, 2013) In this achingly candid memoir, Hardy delves more deeply into the dilemmas faced as she aged out of the church’s “single ward” and into her thirties. At a time when her mind should have been on the Mormon tenets of marriage and motherhood, Hardy found herself more interested in writing. Chronicles the extraordinary lengths the author went to in an attempt to reconcile her human needs with her spiritual life. Neither secular pursuits nor church guidance could help Hardy prepare for the dilemma she would eventually face: a crisis of faith that caused her to question everything she’d grown up believing.

Hardy is a writer of memoir, poetry, and essays. She’s also a waitress, teacher, and would-be tambourine virtuoso. She lives in West Seattle, in her opinion, the best city for writers and readers.

Michael G. Hickey – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A Dress Walked by with a Woman Inside – contemporary poetry and prose featuring material previously published by The Atlanta Review, The Seattle Review, and numerous other literary publications. http://tinyurl.com/oujr5xl

Counterclockwise – a novel set in 1980 in which a world famous rock ‘n’ roll singer meets a grocery store clerk, and they inspire one another to face unresolved conflicts in their respective pasts. Sometimes one has to go backward in order to go forward. http://tinyurl.com/ouzuw4k

Hickey was born in southern Illinois and is the oldest of eleven children. He received a BA in creative writing from the University of Arizona, 1987, and an MFA from the University of Washington, 1992. He has written a novel, two books of poetry, and is a tenured writing professor at South Seattle College. In 2008, he was elected as Seattle’s eighth “Poet Populist” for 2009. His life goal is to take over the world 25 students at a time.

Alice Ann Kuder – www.SinceILastSawYou.com
Since I Last Saw You (The Telltale Scribe, Seattle, WA, December 12, 2013) is the story of one woman’s personal road trip from tragedy to gratitude. It is an uplifting tale of love, loss and discovery with a Pacific Northwest backdrop. The narrative will warm your heart and perhaps inspire a new Thanksgiving tradition or two for you and your family.

Like her protagonist, Alice Ann Kuder is an ardent, card-carrying native of Washington State. Having spent her formative years in Centralia, WA, Alice earned a BA in Business Administration at Western Washington University. Afterward, she reluctantly left the state for a few years of in-country travel and self-discovery. With her love of the Pacific Northwest reaffirmed, she moved to Seattle in 1988, working for the University of Washington for several years before choosing a new “day job” selling residential real estate. Ms. Kuder now resides in West Seattle with her canine companion and muse, Tess.

Kuder says, “In my heart-of-hearts, I am a teacher. Unfortunately, I don’t possess the temperament to be happy or successful teaching in a traditional classroom setting, so I have always found other ways to fulfill my perceived vocation. For many years, I developed and presented workshops on topics as varied as personal budgeting, leadership development and catechism. Someone once pointed out to me that storytelling is the most powerful and well-received form of teaching. That’s one reason that Jesus, among other great teachers, used it so liberally and to such effect.

Since that time, I have dreamed of coming up with an entertaining and inspiring story that would allow me to share some of the life lessons I’ve learned. In particular, I wanted to tell a story that would elucidate the role of gratitude in creating and living a joyful life. Since I Last Saw You is the result of that desire.

Thanksgiving—the most underappreciated holiday on the American calendar, in my opinion—seemed like a perfect backdrop for such a tale, and is featured prominently in my novel. It’s my hope and my dream that Since I Last Saw You becomes a holiday tradition— a story that readers will want to revisit year after year and share with their families—much in the way that watching It’s a Wonderful Life is for me.”

Theresa Mickey McCormick – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A Far Cry From Here – Growing Up and Out of Fundamentalism (UBS Press, 2014) Overlapping threads about the impact of racism and sexism and fundamentalism weave throughout this memoir making it a timely and compelling book laced with humor and love of family. Features adding to the feeling and tone of intimacy of the memoir include letters, diary entries, newspaper articles, family photos, and the essence of a few personal interviews. Readers will find this memoir full of distinct imagery that evokes a rich sense of time and place in stories rendered with love, care, and respect.

This memoir tells the story of author, Theresa Mickey McCormick, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus, Iowa State University, growing up in rural Texas in a fundamentalist Christian family. It’s the story of her struggle to maintain the love and connection with her family while developing her own identity as a feminist activist professor, writer, and artist.

Her other books include: Creating the Multicultural Classroom–A Multicultural Approach (Teachers College Press, 1994); and Multicultural Education-Awareness & Activities (Kendall/Hunt, 2000). Theresa’s art may be seen at various venues in Seattle and at: www.theresamccormick.com.

Tracy and Addy Nachtrieb – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Archer Addy: Trying Something New (“Archer Addy, The True Life Adventures”) published by 1iOpen Productions, LLC; 1st Edition edition (9 Oct. 2014)
Addison “Addy” Nachtrieb’s journey to become a champion Archer. The story uses original Facebook posts and training journal entries as inspiration for every chapter. Addy’s perspective is funny, sassy and shows the heart of a champion; she shares insights on her parents, her new challenges and how her world works. She’s strong-willed and will inspire other children to work hard and never give up.

Addy Nachtrieb is a competitive target archer and currently shoots a Compound Bow Freestyle; she has been practicing archery since 2012, competing since 2013 and has just begun her archery journey and is having fun learning, practicing, and competing. Besides learning archery skills, Addy has learned how to be dedicated and focused on achieving a goal. She has seen success. She lives with her family in West Seattle and is now eleven and in the 5th grade. Stories in the Archer Addy book series are based on true events, and most are taken from Addy’s archery journal, where she records her experiences.

Addy shoots out of Next Step Archery on the select archery team and shoots for Team Nock Point in Washington State. She is currently the, two time – NFAA 3-D National Champion and National Record holder. Score (1533/1540).

Molly Ringle – www.mollyringle.com/persephones-orchard.html
Persephone’s Orchard and Underworld’s Daughter (Central Avenue Publishing, 2012)
The love story of Persephone and Hades is retold and revived when memories of ancient Greek gods are awakened in modern youth. The adventure begins with Persephone’s Orchard and continues in Underworld’s Daughter.

Ringle has been writing fiction for over twenty years. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and lives in West Seattle with her husband and children. Her studies include a bachelor of arts in anthropology and a master of arts in linguistics. She also loves folklore and mythology, and has recently completed three novels about the Greek myths. ‘Persephone’s Orchard’ is the first in the series. When not writing, she can often be found experimenting with fragrances, chocolate, and gardening.

Morgan Sontag – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
“Never settle for less than what you truly desire.” writes Sontag, a co-author of the anthology, Women Living Consciously Book II – the perfect guide for your own journey of self-discovery and conscious living.

The book features stories to enable living in a space of consciousness requiring intention, attention, and openness, asking that you explore and reveal parts of yourself previously hidden and perhaps parts you didn’t know existed. Living consciously takes true strength, practice, and devotion, and courage.

Besides writing, Sontag, M.S., is the “Break Free” to an extraordinary life relation-ship coach, psychotherapist, educator, trainer, catalyst, and Hendricks Institute Transformational Leaders Program graduate. Morgan specializes in employing cutting-edge approaches that help dissolve negative mental patterns–criticizing, defending, denying, withholding, etc.– which prevent full self-expression. Weaving quickwitted humor with fun, Morgan guides clients to expand their capacity for joy by opening “stuck” places to unleash freedom and hidden potential. Daily doses of tear-streaming laughter, surprises, theater, writing, traveling, meeting people, and learning as much as possible keep life fresh and enlivening for Morgan.

Karin E. Watson – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Heart Tending (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, October, 2014) offers a way to notice opportunities for creating rituals from the things you are already doing. Nurturing and inspirational, the book empowers you with permission to turn accidental rituals into intentional rituals, filling your life with vitality and spirit. With visual cues, anecdotes, poetry, music, further reading for adults and children, and a contemplative query incorporated into each chapter, Heart Tending is a resource for young families and anyone involved in helping families meet today’s challenges.

Watson has had a long career in education and includes a BA in Sociology from Augsburg College, certification in Early Childhood Education from the University of Minnesota, and American Montessori certification. She has had forty-five years of teaching experience in community colleges in Washington and Minnesota and worked at the Island County Health Department in Washington, developing parent education programs. Watson was inspired by her own family experiences, as well as by encouragement from colleagues and families to author the book, Heart Tending. She has two grown children, whom she credits as her best guides and teachers.

Arleen Williams – http://www.arleenwilliams.com andhttp://www.notalkingdogspress.com

Running Secrets (The Alki Trilogy Book 1) – attendant Chris Stevens, bent on self-destruction until she meets Gemi Kemmal, an Ethiopian home healthcare provider. Their friendship gives both women the support each needs, and together the women learn that racial identity is a choice, self expression is a right, and family is a personal construct. (Booktrope Editions, 2013)

Biking Uphill (The Alki Trilogy Book 2) – a story of unlikely friendship invites the reader into a world of undocumented immigration, where parents are deported, and a young girl is abandoned to face life on her own. (Booktrope Editions, 2014)

Walking Home (The Alki Trilogy Book 3) Despite escaping his country’s violence in the Horn of Africa, Kidane is never too far from the nightmares and despair of his past. In Seattle he finds a new country, a new hope, and a new love but it may not be enough to save him. Only when he is able to face his worst fears can he have any hope of being truly free. (Booktrope Editions, 2015)

Williams is a Seattle novelist, memoirist, and co-author of a dozen short books in easy English for adults. She teaches English as a Second Language at South Seattle College and has worked with immigrants and refugees for close to three decades.


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