3/14/07 Public Meeting notes for the Morgan Junction Park (AKA Monorail station location, Beveridge Pl. location and the Morgan Alternative Site)

As posted on City of Seattle's Pro-Parks Levy Projects webpage

This is an opportunity to create a people-space, and an activity space.o Eyes on park is goodo Need to buffer parking loto Park should encourage all usersGive something for people to do. Chess, tables.I like how the Alaska Junction Plaza plan uses the design to create different layers/levels.Establish a buffer at Eddy to contain the park so it doesn’t flow out into the ugly street and alley.Park will be used for eating – install trash, benches, and water feature for noise.Concern about smokers – make it a no smoking parkSpace is small, maybe a local public art piece.Seattle underwater art feature that was on reservoir was great, but quickly vandalized. If there is art it has to be vandal-resistant, easily maintained.Character like a piazza – paved, flexible space. Need a mid-block crosswalk to connect to senior housing.Plaza, maybe a design other than Italian-inspired.Terrace down from street. Create an art-piece (arbor?) above act as rain shelter.Place to sit, fountain to break noise. Use colorful vegetation. It is a mistake to put park next to tavern. Too much smoking/drinking – wrong message for children. The alley is cruddy, maybe there is a way to soften that edge.?This would be a great location for a skate park. This site should be hard landscape with tables and chairs with shade. Sink a portion of the site. Do screen from street and parking.Need some kind of rain break, and a kiosk for posting neighborhood information.Beveridge Place pub can adopt the park to keep it clean. The pub will have outdoor seating overlooking the park. They will screen off parking.Don’t build parking. Restrict parking on Eddy. Like idea of gathering space. Recognize senior center across the street.Less hard surfaces. More trees, and garden to make it quiet and cool. Gathering space is nice.Could a strip club be located be located next to the park.I like the piazza idea with green to soften. I’m concerned about security. Don’t build anything dark and covered.Shade does not have to be trees. It could be an arch or arbor.Plant a natural fence along California Ave.

Since there is wildlife in ravine, need to keep park free of food waste.


[ed. note: In addition, the City also posted notes taken by Cindi Barker, as supplemental info, since she wasn't having to lead the meeting and write on flip charts at the same time.]

Notes from Myrtle & Morgan Park Public Meeting #1 on 3/14/07

This is considered an early design-guidance meeting. All options are on the table and nothing is removed at this meeting. Parks Dept brochure was distributed…

Genesis in NH Plan – Green Crescent strategy. Reservoir was originally soft lid, now hard lid.

Substation – monorail – brokered a deal with current owner.

Notified about ¼ mile area around each. Media, PI, Herald, sign at site, MoCA

Will go to Park Board, and will go to Seattle Design Commission because they are capital projects.

Q What is the voting process and how do you decide?

A I’ll write everything down and then organize into themes to give to the designer. We do not just count votes and make it look like a decision is made because so many comments come by phone and email.

Q Should we email you to influence the decisions?

A It is my job to take in all and synthesize all comments

Morgan site has already been environmentally cleaned up. Cited the monorail guiding principals.

Myrtle has more baggage – topography and what can be allowed at the site. The topography

influences pedestrian access. Water towers will be fenced and maybe the cell tower.

Road access will probably be necessary for maintenance. But if there is reason to change from a paved road that meets maintenance needs, and the budget is there, they may be open to discussion


David said he wants to ask BPP to put in a window looking into the park.

Steve – use this opportunity to build community character, also encourage eyes on site, want screening from parking area, encourage all users, singles and families.

Chas – chess tables, checkers tables and things that encourage people to come. Sat in Alaska plaza, liked the layered seating approach there. Want unobtrusive buffer along Eddy edge preventing people from abusing alley space.

I (speaker) think park will be used for eating – have trash containers, tables, you should have water feature that softens traffic noise.

And citizen is concerned about smokers and drinkers.

Small space – public art feature of SW Seattle – nature

Seattle Under Water art feature at Myrtle – was defaced pretty quickly. Whatever we put in should stand up to that and be as easily maintained as possible.

Small NH piazza in Italy, uniquely paved, small tables, a small water feature, and steps to sit on.

Mid-block crossing.

Liked piazza but also maybe Asian. Terrace down from street, with art above serving as a rain break.

Place to sit with coffee, fountain to break noise, mix in color of trees. But think park next to tavern is a mistake. Alley is cruddy.

Skate park ha! Liked piazza with hard landscape and shade and sunken.

Cindi – Kiosk, piazza, rainbreak.

Gary – BPP wants to adopt the park to help with garbage policing. We don’t want to see a vandalized park. Will be outdoor seating overlooking the park. Parking will try not to point headlight into park.

Is ESR open space? A = Yes open for open use until the SROW reverts back to ownership.

Gary said the site currently slopes about four feet from curb to back of lot. Like to acknowledge need of seniors.

Q. Alley access? A= we want to stay out of improving the ROW.

See less hard surfaces, more trees and native bushes, like NH gathering space, think trees would make it cooler in summer.

Park / Tavern – any rules about strip clubs? Discussed what would have to be in zoning.

Love open piazza but would like to soften. We live just north and overlook. Our (speaker) big concern would be security – that alley is very dark and our building’s parking has had problems – do not leave it dark. Like having pub overlook.

My (speaker) shade idea was not trees, more an archway or feature that provides rain protection.

Natural fence along California Ave that would keep kids safe.

Not sure about mid block crossing because cars are backing up so far.

ESR home to two coyote families and wildlife, so if we encourage eating there, food trash disposal needs to be regularly maintained. Critter abatement.

Q. Is there a similar park that does not have security issues? Want to see successful examples.

A Not so many urban plazas. Three in Ballard, history of congregation. We can request information

Best discouragement for illegal activity is to encourage active use. PBB is an active partner and also the seniors across the street.


1. Mostly hardscape – piazza idea with a little bit of green. Impervious surface may be considered – some softening.

2. Gathering space, food, seating

3. Screening from parking – natural edges, layered seating

4. Explore balance of light and shade

Talked about gathering comments first, instead of presenting the big design for acceptance.

People said they appreciate of this type of process.

Will post notes on web and send to MoCA. We’ll give this plus the cookbook to the design team

to engage consultants.

Then two more meetings to show concepts, another if needed.


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