Orchard Street Ravine Improvements

Meeting notes

recorded by Katie Moller of Urban Forester

November 1, 2005


CIP Project Description: “This project, part of the 2000 Parks Levy, develops trails to access ravine. Operations and maintenance costs associated with levy projects are to be funded out of levy proceeds through 2008.”

The total budget is $175, 000 with construction scheduled during summer 2006.


  • Restoration top priority, access secondary

  • Would old roads decrease costs?

  • Access for who? Destination park?

  • Morgan Community Association-part of community access corridor, not a destination park

  • Support invasive removal, but concerned about strategy in regard to wildlife impact

  • Restoration primary, what does access provide without the restoration?

  • Would like trail, but wants restoration first

  • Restoration/wildlife is number one, trails well down the road

  • For the restoration, concerned about safety if trails go in-crime access

  • Restoration strategy should consider opportunities for several habitat types including shrub communities. Supports phased approach to restoration to address wildlife concerns.

  • Trails systems is an opportunity to experience the forest, especially for children and families.

  • Excited about restoration, but agrees that trail has big family benefits and may increase awareness volunteerism

  • Trail is important to community. Trail on own property was critical to restoration crime threat is likely low.

  • Nice connection to Morgan Junction

  • Restoration could lead to social trails a safety concern on steep slopes

  • Restoration is a prelude because it provides the access to make better assessment of trails options

  • ROW-eliminate part of the turn-around at 38th Street to reduce illicit neighborhood activity.

  • Safety concern about blind corner at 38th Street and Orchard Street (pedestrian / traffic)

  • 100% restoration in two years is too dramatic for wildlife. Would prefer phased approach

  • Wildlife is a priority. There are few places just for the animals

  • Concern that phased approach will not be effective. Will not create enough of a dent to create long-term success.

  • Will hazard trees need to be removed?

  • Schools are an opportunity for Stewardship

  • Easier to raise funds for restoration

  • What about species approach or survival rings?

  • Please post names and contact information


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