Morgan Community Association Minutes
November 9, 2005 (7:00 pm, Kinney Home Community Room)

23 persons attending

Steve Sindiong, President


Stan Locke, West Seattle Neighborhood Service Center

Announcements: Steve Sindiong and Cindi Barker

1. The West Seattle Herald now offers free subscriptions for new residents of West Seattle. Contact the Herald for details.

2. Megawatt sponsored a "Gathering of Neighbors" Nov. 5 at West Seattle High School. Nearly 80 West Seattle organizations had booths representing neighborhoods, civic organizations, city departments, etc for an estimated 500 persons.

A survey completed by participants in this event and recent Community Council meeting indicated:

Strengths of W. Seattle: Greenspace and environmental concerns, diversity, businesses, and neighborhood 'feel'.

Challenges: Transportation, esp, access to downtown when viaduct is disabled; housing , esp. affordable housing range; economic development; public safety; and schools.

Organizations that work well: Megawatt, Delridge Community Association

To whom do we turn for help: Stan Locke, SW Police Precinct

3. The MoCA website is being updated - new design, links, calendar, neighborhood news, city projects, zoning issues, land use bulletins. Available by Dec. 1

P-Patch Update & Solstice Park security concerns

Sandy Lennon reports that a Sept. 16 Day of Caring brought 35 volunteers (in cluding 25 from Union Bay Sportswear and 10 p-patch gardeners) to install a p-patch sign, install a garden bench pad, and do needed beautification and maintenance, with food and music provided by community members.

Vandalism and theft after shed break-in attempt were discovered at Oct. 1 work party, with further break-in, theft of tools, and vandalism of plots discovered at Oct. 29 work party. Police were notified. Shed doors have been reinforced and further security measures are being considered.

We still have $6,668 of the City Early Implementation Fund grant. Discussions are under way about projects for these funds.

P-Patch end of year meeting will be Wed. Nov. 16, 7:00 pm at Kinney Home. For more information, contact Sandy Lennon (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 935-0245).

Solstice Park has recently experienced a lot of problems with late-night parties. This conversation provoked a broader concern regarding security of parks and greenspaces. Peter is assisting in creating a Southwest Precinct Captain's Advisory Board to connect with Police. We need to continue to be a neighborhood watch for these areas and to report incidents to community policing groups.

Morgan Junction Community Festival - Mid-August, 2006

We need someone to lead and coordinate next Year's festival. $1,500 has already been contributed for the event. Beveridge Pl. Pub will sponsor, and several other businesses have expressed interest. Person who are willing to assist in planning for the Festival after Jan. 1, are urged to contact Cindi Barker (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Steve Sindiong (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

MoCA priority Projects for 2006

1. During the construction project at Loman Beach Park, the off-site staging area for materials will be at Solstice Park. This may entail continuing maintenance and development projects at Solstice Park.

2. Orchard Street Raving Project. A Nov. 1 community meeting presented possible plans for development of the Orchard Street Ravine project, part of the Pro-Parks levy . The Orchard St. Ravine project is part of the MoCA long-range neighborhood plan for a Green Crescent throughout the neighborhood. Orchard Street Ravine is a 2.28 acre site, largely covered by invasive blackberry and ivy vines. $175,000 has been designated for this project, largely completed during the Summer of 2006. Alternate plans call for a trail, habitat restoration, and wildlife preservation. A local group has been formed (12 members present at the MoCA meeting) to encourage neighborhood participation in the planning processes. A second Community meeting will be held Dec. 13 (location and time to be determined), after which community input hearings will be conducted by the Park Board in February or March, 2006. Interested neighbors are urged to contact Carol Schultz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 932-6230) for suggestions or volunteer efforts. For the neighborhood group, restoration and habitat concerns are paramount, with continuing concerns for security and safety. MoCA will foster continuing conversations regarding the Green Crescent plan. Watch the MoCA website for continuing notices.

3. Seattle Light Substation (between Fauntleroy and Morgan). This property will be turned over from Seattle Light to Seattle Parks in 2007. Plans are being developed for possible neighborhood use. We need ideas for developing this property - perhaps as a transit waiting / stopping area, etc.

4. Myrtle St. Reservoir - This will be lidded with a soft (not concrete) lid in 2007, leaving a wider area around perimeter of reservoir for public use. Suggestions include an off-leash area for dogs, basketball or tennis courts, etc. MoCA will hold public discussions in 2006 to offer suggestions for future development.

5. Cumulative Reserve Fund Projects - West Seattle is allocated ca. $80,000 for projects in 2006. Possible MoCA projects include traffic speed control alterations along Fauntleroy from Morgan Junction to the Ferry dock. Other project ideas are welcomed. Contact Cindi Barker or Steve Sindiong with ideas. We need someone to serve on a committee being formed in W. Seattle by Stan Locke at the West Seattle Neighborhood Service Center (4205 Alaska)

6. Morgan Community Identity - Greater visibility and identity for the Morgan neighborhood is being encouraged. W. Seattle Chamber of Commerce and local businesses want to attract greater tourist access. Possible components might be a community kiosk and signage to announce festivals, civic groups, projects, neighborhood news. A model which has been formed in Portland for grass-roots organization of neighborhoods is being experimentally developed in Seattle.

The MoCA neighborhood brochure has been updated and is available from Cindi or Steve.

Our newsletter is currently distributed to 13 neighborhood sites.

7. Organizational matters - discussion was held regarding whether MoCA might seek 501c3 incorporation, enabling the charging of membership dues. The general concensus was that we would engage in occasional fund-raising projects, using another organization as our fiscal agent when necessary, but that we would not incorporate at this time.

8. Continuing work is being done on several city-wide issues:

o Neighborhood Business District Strategy - to continue into 2006
o Multi-family Comprehensive Zoning changes proposals - to continue into 2006

Concern was expressed about the impact of the proposed replacement of the Seattle Viaduct. This project will have a 10 year duration. We need be in conversation with the city regarding planning for alternate routes and transit improvements to adjust to that construction project. No schedule for that project has yet been suggested.

Meetings of MoCA in 2006 will be held on Weds. of February., April, July, and October. Specific dates, time, and locations to be determined.

Eldon Olson


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