Meeting Minutes from the July 18, 2018 Morgan Community Association Meeting.

The meeting started at 7:02 with a welcome from President Deb Barker and introduction of Officers (minus VP, Phil Tavel)

Appointment of Treasurer:President Barker noted that per MoCA bylaw Article IV Officers (a)(3), the President shall appoint a Parliamentarian or other officers as needed. She said that Eldon Olson has served as MoCA treasurer for over 10 years and in 2017 notified the Board that he was ready for a replacement. MoCA has tried to recruit a new treasurer since that time - coming very close in several instances. In the interest of honoring Eldon’s wishes, MoCA needs a new treasurer, and she is appointing Morgan Junction resident Michael Brunner to fill the treasurer position until formal Board elections can take place in 2019 along with our regularly scheduled elections. Michael organized the 2018 Bark of Morgan event at the Morgan Junction Festival and earlier this year served on MoCA’s Permanently Affordable Housing committee. The baton–er– the box (of receipts) was passed on. (Michael’s Brunner’s biography is at the end of these meeting minutes).

Morgan Minute Updates: 

  • Eldon reported that a check of $524 from the Thriftway BBQ for Morgan Festival proceeds was given to him (thanks Fred Madrid).
  • Litter League Morgan Junction cleanups will be on 8/5, 9/2 and 10/7 from 9:30 to 11am.
  • SWDC Report - The next SW District Council meeting will be on Wednesday Sept. 5th at 6:30 at the Senior Center.
  • SWPAC Report – It has been a slow July, but please keep calling in fireworks reports. The SW Precinct picnic is simultaneous with Delridge Days on Aug. 11th this year.
  • Morgan Mural Restoration –The restored Mural is looking great and is almost finished. Restoration artist Bob will apply one more coat of protective covering soon. The last thing to do is to create the restoration plaque, but that needs to wait until other Murals of West Seattle are restored. And, because of a generous donation to The Junction Association by Earl and Adah Cruzen, the remaining Murals of West Seattle willbe restored !! 
  • Emergency Hubs Events - It has been ten years since the initial Emergency Hub meeting took place, and the newest Hub is Peace Lutheran. Cindi announced that Sandi Doughton, author of the book about emergency preparedness ‘Full Rip 9.0’ will be the featured speaker at the Oct. Hub event. The Oct. 7 and Nov. 9th Hub events will be focused on preparation here in W. Seattle.
  • MoCA welcomed Lt. Steve Strand who has been appointed the new Operations Lieutenant at the SW Precinct, replacing Lt. Ron Smith who retired in June. Steve is a long-time West Seattle resident. He announced that many community events are going on every weekend in July and August, and SPD will be there. He handed out his contact info. 

The Kenney Row Houses report–Bruce Erickson, the focal for The Kenney Senior Housing and John Shoesmith with ShoesmithCox Architects presented information about the proposed row houses for The Kenney. Old redevelopment plans have been scrapped, and there are plans to add row houses immediately south of The Kenney, arranged around a cul-de-sac drive. Three duplexes will be torn down, and five row houses will be built.  They will include attached garages with Master suites on the first floor.  Footprints range from 2100 to 3000 SF, depending on topography.  Exteriors will be wood and brick to complement The Kenney. Street trees will be added. A green corner will be put at Fauntleroy & Othello.  One unit has three stories.  The Master Permit application has been submitted.  Q: How much will they go for?  A: These will be leased by the Kenney, not sold.  Q: What is the setback?  The requirement is only 7’, we have about 14’.  It’s tighter on Fauntleroy; the units are very close to sidewalk.  There is a landscape plan for the green space.  No rezoning is required.  The SW corner of The Kenney has different zoning and may become an apartment building in the future. Permits and reports for the row house are on file with the City and are available for viewing.

35thAve SW Safety Project, Jim Curtin with SDOT reported on phase 2 of the 35th Ave SW corridor project. Seattle was the first City in the nation to goal ‘zero’ traffic deaths in our neighborhoods.  Jim talked about the changes that were made to 35thAve SW between Morgan and Roxbury to reduce speeds and crashes. Since then (Oct. 2015) there have been zero crashes out there! He said that left turn signals will be put added to 35th and Barton. 

Phase II plans for 35thAve. north of Morgan are underway as there are over 25,000 vehicles using it. Some highlights near Morgan Junction are 

  • A new pedestrian-operated signal at 35/Graham (delivered through the Neighborhood Greenways program). 
  • Left turn pockets on 35th at Juneau along with right-turn only restrictions from Juneau to 35th. Metro will be removing the bus stops at Juneau. SDOT will maintain existing parking restrictions where the bus zones are currently located and will remove approximately 20 additional parking stalls on 35th to make room for the left turn pockets on 35th. New curb ramps will also be installed on all four corners. 
  • New curb ramps on all four corners of 35th Ave SW and SW Kenyon St which is an existing marked crosswalk.
  • NO left turn lanes for Morgan Street due to bus stop locations, BUT there is the possibility of a split phased east/west signal to allow left turns from Morgan to 35th. 
  • New curb ramps and traffic signal at SW Dawson St/Camp Long. Paving on SW Dawson St from 35th Ave SW to Camp Long entrance. Minor paving on 35th Ave SW near SW Dawson St.

Morgan Junction Festival report– Eldon reported that we finished with record profits this year. Main lesson learned was that more kids’ activities are needed.  We had more than last year, but need even more next year.  Phil (reporting via cell phone) said: that the Festival went very well. We will be looking for people to join the planning committee next year. We have a wonderful new picture for the Bark of Morgan that was painted by Desmond Hansen during the festival. We will unveil that next year in the Spring. Our expanded kids’ activities were a huge hit, and we’ve already added a magician for next year. Please let us know if you’d be interested in joining the planning committee next year. We usually have our first festival meeting around the first of the year. 

Morgan Junction Parks Expansion – Natalie said that City focal, Karimah Edwards, is really stoked to work with us.  Natalie will contact her to meet before the Oct. meeting to discuss how the feedback Parks received at their Morgan Festival booth jived with the MoCA Parks Expansion Committee inputs.

MHA Appeal Hearing Underway–Background: MoCA joined with the Seattle Coalition for Affordability, Livability and Equity (SCALE) to file an appeal in November 2017 against environmental decision of Mandatory Housing Affordability program. MoCA is also separate appellant of the FEIS. Deb reported that the first week of MHA appeal hearings occurred the last week of June, and they will continue for the last week of July, the third week of August and the first week of September. In a May ruling, the Hearing Examiner dismissed MoCA’s ferry traffic appeal issues. The hearings run all day in the Hearing Examiners chambers which is on the 40th floor of Seattle Municipal Tower and are open to the public. What happens: witnesses for the appellants’ and for the City testify about the FEIS with cross examination. Witnesses for SCALE have included experts on land use policy, tree canopy, historic preservation, and included former City Council member Peter Steinbrueck. MoCA was not able to meet the deadline for witness confirmation/inclusion in the hearing so we have no witnesses testifying at this time. SCALE is working on communication plan to get the word out about newly discovered flaws in the MHA FEIS, including deficiencies in RSJ and report omissions. If you know of anyone who does PR, please contact me.  

8:35-Meeting Adjourned

Next meeting: 7 p.m. on Oct. 17, 2018 at The Kenney

Biography for Michael Brunner 

Michael is a native of Buffalo, New York and has worked in Southern California and Seattle. He has been a homeowner in the Morgan Junction for 18 years.  After working for Boeing for as an engineer and engineering manager for 29 years and in the aerospace industry for 34 years, he retired last summer. At Boeing he worked on both space (Space Shuttle), military (C-17) and commercial (787,777, 737) projects including working at NASA for a year. During his career at Boeing, he managed teams up to 100 engineers and $ 10M+ budget projects.  Since retiring he served on the MOCA affordable housing committee, the Morgan Junction Festival committee and recently elected to Sargent of Arms of a Toastmaster Club in Queen Anne.July 2018


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