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Morgan Minute Updates

  • SW District Council – Tamsen Spengler gave the SW District Council update.  Please check out their Facebook page (SWDC Facebook link is: @swdcseattle). She announced that there was a great update last month about working for orcas with The Whale Trail and a new SWDC representative for that.  (Here’s the link to the Whale Trail organization:; see the tab re: Governor’s task force). Also, the Anti-Hate Alaska Junction organization is presenting Bystander Intervention Trainings.  Bystander Intervention provides participants with tools and tactics for intervening on another’s behalf. Defusing a challenging situation and being an advocate for someone experiencing harm or abuse is an important part of helping and supporting people in our community. Register by emailing your name and contact information to Antihate3@gmailcom. Next training will be in Monday, January 21 at Garfield High School. Others are planned. Councilmember Lisa Herbold gave a vacant building report noting that  District 1 has more vacant buildings than other Seattle districts. (Deb will summarize that later).  Another big topic is a proposed sports complex along Harbor Avenue SW. The Friends of SW Tennis will petition the Port of Seattle to use their property. Lastly, Wednesday, November 7 is the date for SWDC new Officers election.  The co-chair may need a substitute for a month in Jan. or Feb. 2019. The SWDC meetings are the first Wednesday of each month.
  • SW Precinct (police) report by Phil.  Homeless people continue to be an issue in peoples’ yards/alleys.  The City is proposing adding 40 officers, but the attrition rate exceeds that.  The police academy that serves the state has an allotment for the City of Seattle (6), but the rate of attrition is more than that.  Part of the problem is affordable housing for new officers.  Phil has a friend who looked up a list of “per capita police coverage” for about 300 US cities, and Seattle’s per capita police coverage was closest to Milford, CT...not Boston or San Francisco or Detroit.. Milford, CT!
  • Emergency HUBs - Cindy gave the Safety HUB update.  140 signed up for the first session on Oct. 7, which had a 30% no-show rate.  This next session will be video-ed.  She provided a flyer about the program.
  • WS Nazarene Church townhouse development – Deb reported that the West Seattle Church of the Nazarene townhouse project is underway along the alley at 42nd and Juneau. The church sold a portion of their property to a developer who is now responsible for constructing the 6 townhomes. Funds from the land sale are being used to restore the Church building. 
  • Lowman Beach Park Seawall Grant - Seattle Parks Planner David Graves reports via email that Parks received another King County Cooperative Watershed Management program grant for $150K which will move the Lowman Beach Seawall restoration project forward to 60% design. They hope to hit that design milestone late in Q1 2019, and then be ready to submit for permits. As part of moving the design forward, they will be holding another public meeting to get folks input on the project design. He is in the process of getting the design team back under contract, and they won’t start working until early November. Given that timing, and not wanting to try and squeeze a meeting in during the holiday, he expects that we will hold our meeting the 1st or 2nd week in January, with confirmation in another month or so. There is one state grant that they didn’t get, and they are waiting to hear the final outcome on two others. Stay tuned. 

New Business

SR-99 Changes are Coming: Chris Arkills with King County discussed the Highway 99 changes coming as early as Spring 2019.  Alaska Way viaduct will be closed before the new SR-99 tunnel is opened.  Chris provided a color-coded project schedule that shows which bus routes are impacted, and for how long.  While 99 is closed, busses will continue to 4th (the bus-only lane will be extended) to head into the City for the first month.  New off-ramps will come off Dearborn, and busses will use 1st.  An alternate route for evenings is along E. Marginal Way.  West of 6th on Royal Brogham will be bus only.  In West Seattle, a new bus parking area will be created near Jack Block Park for Water Taxi traffic.  Don Armani Park will get a new carpool area.  The viaduct closes January 11, 2019, so the first month users start feeling impacts will be probably Dec. 2018.  Check out the City’s ‘WaterFront’ website to see their plans for new development, parks and green space ( Also, Columbia Street is becoming a dual-direction major bus route, so is being upgraded to support the heavy vehicles.  

ST3 West Seattle to Ballard Link Light Rail: Erin House, with the Department of Neighborhoods, said that West Seattle will get three light rail stations to be operational by 2030.  The light rail to Ballard won’t be done until 2035, as they are tied to the downtown tunnel project.  The Sound Transit Board in conjunction with the Seattle elected leadership will be deciding locations.  Sound Transit has their own process, and DoN is just gathering feedback for the City.  Sound Transit is in stage 3 of 3 for these decisions. The inputs from various public outreach efforts were majorly favoring a tunnel.  Sound Transit is weighing the cost trades of tunnel versus surface alignment, including from Delridge to Alaska Junction.  A MoCA member suggests the Office of Seniors work with Sound Transit on the choice of new rail cars to make sure they are accessible.  Lots of discussion about how light rail will impact busses with tunnel construction.  Deb said that the SR99 Tunnel will be open well before ST3 begins construction, so they can be thought about separately.

Promoting West Seattle & Morgan Junction: Tamsen recapped the grant received by the  The grant is to pull businesses together to create a ‘Welcome’ for new residents.  This includes a Welcome Wagon bag with coupons.  Real estate agents will distribute these to new renters and owners.  The bags will be stuffed on Nov. 15 at the WSSC.  Lunch will be provided.

Design Review Early Outreach Program – “Design review early outreach” is a new method for the City to try to get public feedback on projects in their neighborhood, as the reduce the number of projects that have to go through a rigorous design process (also known as a meeting of the SW Design Review Board), or they may now require design review based on location and adjacent zoning. You may or may NOT get notice of these projects, so be sure to check the City’s design review outreach website The meetings vary from an actual meeting about a project, an open house, a walking tour, etc. When you go to one of these meetings, be sure to sign in and get contact information from whoever is presenting the meeting. Take good notes and feel free to ask any MoCA questions. 

City Budget / District 1 Priorities – Earlier this month, MoCA along with other District 1 Neighborhood organizations met with District 1 Councilmember Lisa Herbold to learn about some of her budget priorities and share some of our ours. 

Vacant Building monitoring: CM Herbold is putting forward legislation to enhance monitoring of Vacant buildings. In 2017, District 1 has the highest number of reported complaints about vacant buildings (95), but only 2 of these buildings ever made it into a monitoring program. She is proposing to amend fees and penalties for vacant buildings to make the monitoring program work for neighborhoods that have the most vacant buildings.

35th Avenue SW Repaving: CM Herbold is requesting that repaving of 35th Between Roxbury and Morgan be moved up from 2023 to 2019 – using “Budget proviso” method. 

Neighborhood Planning: Neighborhood Groups voiced support for funding of Neighborhood Planning, including Neighborhood Plan updates.  CM Herbold noted that Sam Asseffa said in a July 2018 letter that Westwood/Arbor Heights is proposed to start in 2019, and Alaska Junction update planning “is to start 10 years before the light rail line is to open”. Delridge planning moved up higher on the list, while no planning updates are proposed for Morgan Junction or Admiral.  She asked neighborhoods to tell her what good neighborhood planning looks like.

ADU/DADU FEIS: Deb noted that the City issued the Final EIS for the ADU/DADU proposal on 10/4. The EIS allows one attached AND one detached dwelling unit on all single family parcels in addition to a single family dwelling unit. Some neighborhoods are contemplating appealing the decision.

Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) 2019 application is now open. Apply Now!

SDOT reports that this cycle will be a little different from previous cycles. Based on the feedback SDOT received from past participants, the process has been improved in the following ways: SDOT will host workshops in various communities through November 19 to increase accessibility and facilitate neighborhood collaboration. Check their website for dates and times.  (

Old Business

Morgan Junction Park Expansion update: Natalie Williams reported that we met with City Parks project manager, Jules Posado in Sept. Jules reported that of the roughly 200 survey responses from the time of the Morgan Festival, about 95% preferred a continuity between the existing park and the park expansion. This would vacation, or remove, the portion of Eddy St. between the two areas.  Jules reported that the Right-of-Way release requires a designer to first propose a concept.  Unfortunately, GGLO is no longer the contractor, and negotiations are underway to contract a new design/build firm.  The week of Oct. 17, Jules informed us that he is also no longer our project manager, so we will be in touch with Kelly Gould of Seattle Parks on the plan to proceed.

Morgan Junction Litter League report: Jill Boone talked about organizing litter cleanups.  There were 15 this summer.  In the Morgan Junction cleanup, she found that cigarette butts are a huge problem.  We need more receptacles, and for them to be emptied regularly.  Ginnie commented that Starbuck’s needs to close the lid on their garbage so the debris doesn’t get blown out and scattered by crows. A MoCA member wondered if they could be fined for this?  Jill wants to work with Morgan Junction businesses to write a grant for more trash receptacles.  If any MoCA folks would like to help write the grant, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

MHA Appeal Hearing: Phil reported that the MHA FEIS Appeal hearings are complete, and the Hearing Examiner has a lot of information to sift through. His decision is due Nov. 20.  The City may have to redo or supplement the EIS.  SCALE is still fund-raising because there are unpaid bills.  Donations to SCALE can be sent to:

MoCA Non-Profit status: Michael Brunner reported on the planned 501c3 application status, and presented a few of the benefits of becoming a 501c3.  He has the forms, and plans to file them this year.

Orchard Street Ravine Expansion: Cindi Barker gave some history of this project. Orchard Street ravine was a project as part of MJ Neighborhood Planning from the beginning.  One potential donor of property within the ravine changed her mind, and willed it to her children.  The children put it on the market.  The City found the money to buy it, and it will now be managed as a green space in conjunction with the Orchard Street Ravine.


Next MoCA meeting:

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 7:00pm

The Kenney, 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW


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