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Election for open Board position - Marianne Holsman has agreed to be our new Public Information Officer (PIO) and was elected by acclamation of meeting attendees, with three abstentions.

Morgan Minute Updates

  • April 28 – HUB drill, 9-noon, places to participate:

          Pigeon Point Hub, 20th Ave SW & SW Genesee St    High Point Hub at Neighborhood House, 6400 Sylvan Way SW Fauntleroy United Church of Christ Hub, 9140 California Ave SW Beacon United Methodist Church Hub, 7301 Beacon Ave S.

  • May 5 – ST3 Community Open House, Alki Masonic Hall, 4736 40th Ave SW, 10-12:30. Sound Transit really needs to hear about your light rail desires for West Seattle.
  • May 9 – MHA Open House for District 1, Louisa Boren School, 5950 Delridge Way SW, 6-8 pm
  • May 27 – First of five “Litter League” meet ups. 9:30 a.m. at the ATM near the Shell station (details below).
  • June 5 – MHA Public Hearing for District 1, Sealth High School, 6 to 9pm

New Business

West Seattle Resource Roundup: Lora Swift with The Junction Association. Lora noted that some Morgan Junction issues that are similar to other West Seattle neighborhoods include traffic, parking, and car prowls. The WSResourceRoundup.com got started when the WS Chamber of Commerce got grant for $25k to investigate challenges at WS junctions.  Lora and Lynn (WS Chamber) have compiled West Seattle based information into a report and posted it this new website: WSResourceRoundup.com (click on the Big Blue Button for the report). In the website, you can find your community group, and look at your events.  Please “own” your piece of this website.  The intent is for this website to evolve to include and connect West Seattle.  Please use the website and then give Lora feedback.

District 1 Report: District 1 Council Member Lisa Herbold. 

--CM Herbold brought a map of newly adopted parking regulation locations, and noted that while developers are required to do parking studies, the City is unable to require the developers to mitigate the impacts identified from these studies. CM Herbold proposed an amendment to recent legislation to make them provide mitigation if capacity was already at 85%, such as provide on-site parking, or bus passes, etc.  But her motion failed in the City Council vote, so no parking is required (still) in these areas on the map. 

--CM Herbold spoke of a new program that has expanded to District 1 at the High Point Neighborhood House called ‘Ready to Work’ (RTW). It is for people who face barriers to employment and need help learning English. RTW will help adults advance their career goals and link to higher paying jobs. She advocated for District 1 expansion and funding of the program in the 2018 budget.

--CM Herbold said she is aware that the Morgan Junction Comprehensive Plan amendment request  would limit MHA implementation until MJ neighborhood planning occurs. She will check with City staff to find out if the MJ Comp Plan Amendment will be included in the City’s May 9th MHA Open House. Also, with Morgan Junction an appellant to the MHA/FEIS, the City attorney approached her to see if she would support mediation on the appeal; she said yes.  She’s willing to play a role if that becomes useful. 

--In response to a Civics-101 refresher request, CM Herbold stated that the City Council has nine committees. They are organized to have authority over certain City sectors.  (CM Herbold chairs the Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development, and Arts committees). Each committee meets twice per month.  The process for legislation is the City Executive or a City Department initiates a topic that gets first reviewed at a committee level, with a second committee meeting used to introduce amendments to the topic. She urged Morgan Junction folks to find what topic you are interested in, and sign up for that Committee’s agenda to track what is going on.  When you are commenting on something, It’s best to email everyone on that committee.

--At Q&A, she was asked: Why is the City Council steam-rolling all over the residents about parking? What about the Mayor’s idea for funding preschool and college? (CM Herbold thinks the levy will support the expiring preschool and eligible families ‘Promise’ program. This would work if the State funds basic education.  We need to define things correctly so they qualify). When will the Tunnel Committee know what the SR 99 tunnel tolls are? What are your thoughts on ST?  (CM Herbold is on the Elected Council advisory panel to ST.  They have participated in recommendations for options. She is drafting a letter to the Design & Planning Commissions to ask for their early involvement in the ST3 process).

Morgan Junction Park Expansion project – Karimah Edwards and Kelly Gould with the Seattle Parks Department, and Tim Slazinik, GGLO Landscape Architect . City staff said that they are happy to be working with the MJ Community on this already.  The first public meeting on the Park expansion will be at the Morgan Junction Festival on June 16. Parks will gathering your input at that event and  also via an internet website.  The budget is about $3M.  Kelly is looking at working with SDOT to vacate SW Eddy St.  Planning for the park expansion is this year with meetings are about 6 weeks apart. Design starts in 2019, and construction is in 2020. 

--Q&(A) followed: Should we try to get funds to improve the alley on the western boundary? (That is not part of this project as the area belongs to SDOT). What about the contamination? (Initial design phase will not start until a soils test is complete.  If any remediation is required, it will be addressed).  What are the two main points for this particular design?  (That will evolve depending on our progress with SDOT. It was noted that you can see Morgan’s original design from the first park for past analysis).  Who is the designer? (Tim Slazinik, LSA with GGLO). Will there be a restroom?  (No, not for this size of park). 

Neighborhood Matching Funds – There has been discussion between WS based neighborhood organizations to join together on funding for outreach opportunities. Stay tuned, as we may be applying for a NMF grant.

HUB Box Theft – Barry White who chairs the Friends of Morgan Junction Parks committee reported that their large supply box was stolen from the Morgan Junction Park. The heavy-duty (6’x3’x3’) box was full of tools donated by Sustainable West Seattle that were used on three MJ areas: Morgan Junction Park, the Thriftway Triangle and the Juneau Triangle. It was also full of Morgan Junction Emergency HUB equipment. Attendees asked how can the box be replaced and how to prevent it from being stolen again. Barry said any new box  will be bolted onto cement and estimated $750 replacement cost – (originally funded by a neighborhood grant). Phil made a motion that MoCA donate $800 to replace the HUB Box. This was seconded by Chas Redmond. This was approved with Yes=13, No=0, and 3 abstentions.

Old Business

Permanently Affordable Housing – In MJ, 53% of our UV will go from SF to MF with MHA upzoning.  We formed an 8-person committee to address the issue of trying to keep some family sized housing in the Morgan Junction Urban Village.  (See handout, which will be put on website with the minutes).  The committee came up with a consensus position.  Sellers in the UV would be required to go through a ‘gate’ to offer their home for sale to the Community Land Trust (CLT).  Committee member Michael went through the Flow Chart of how this would work.  Committee member Ginnie elaborated on the need for entry level housing in the UV, skyrocketing prices of real estate here, and how the sale to a CLT could be a life-saving tax write off.  Deb asked meeting attendees for a thumbs up, sideways or down for a consensus of acceptance. There were all thumbs up, one sideways and one who abstained .  

MHA: Status and Important Dates – Deb reported on the status of important MHA topics and dates (See report attached to these minutes):

May 9th District 1 MHA Open House at Louisa Boren Middle School, from 6 to 8pm.

June 5th – District 1 MHA Public Hearing at Chief Sealth High School from 6 to 9pm. (Sign up to speak starting at 5pm). This is an VERY important meeting to attend; be sure to tell the Council that you are a West Seattle resident when you deliver your comments. 

MoCA’s Legal appeal to the EIS is proceeding along with the other SCALE appellants. The City has released thousands  of ‘Discovery’ documents which need to be reviewed by appellants.  There are a lot of legal expenses.  If you want to help, hit the SCALE ‘Donate’ button at the SeattleFairGrowth.org website.

Morgan Junction Festival: Phil reported on the planning for the Morgan Junction Festival which is on Saturday, June 16, 2018, from 10 to 4 at the Morgan Junction Park. There is an awesome lineup of musicians, and events for kids with the Bubbleman, face painting, balloon art and crafts. Food trucks are returning too. We still need a couple volunteers, so please sign up with Cindi.  We’re pleased to work with Cal-Mor residents who will hand out programs and do cleanup for hire.

SWPAC: Seattle Police activity reports an up-tick in theft in out-buildings such as sheds and garages according to Phil. Everyone is urged to report suspicious activity.  Also, remember that even with video of thieves, it may take three days for Police response. They cannot respond if theirs is not any violence happening, but they will follow up.  For chronic speeding, go to ‘Find It, Fix It’ web site, and file a report under ‘Miscellaneous.’ 

SWDC: Tamsen reported that ST3 staff recently presented the Light Link rail plans for West Seattle. She suggested everyone go to the WS Blog to look at the alternatives for ST3 and then attend the May 5 Open House meeting at the Alki Masonic Hall and give your input.  The grant that Lora from the Junction Association talked about also provides a ‘Welcome’ bag for new residents.  MOCA businesses will be able to have advertising items in the bags. Those in apartments will receive welcome bags from their managers. The West Seattle Timebank will assist with the assembly of the bags.  

Tamsen was pleased that City-wide District councils met recently with the Mayor’s External Affairs staff to discuss the relationship and possible support between the Mayor’s office and the District Councils. The Next SWDC meeting is May 2, with special guests from the Puget Sound Clean Air Coalition, Duwamish River Clean-up and Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon. The SWDC will be focusing on Environmental issues the months of May and June.

Introduction: Yun Pitre was introduced as long time City of Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods Community Engagement Coordinator. Her contact number is 206-386-1924.

NOTE: Litter League info: The MJ clean up dates are all on Sunday mornings from 9:30 - 11:00:  May 27,  July 8,  August 5,  Sept 2, and Oct 7.  Yes, May 27 and Sept. 2 fall during holiday weekends, but we know that many people will be in town and able to come!   We will meet by the ATM near the Shell station and vests, litter picker-uppers, buckets and bags will be provided. Please bring and wear your gardening gloves!  There will be a brief safety talk at 9:30 - mainly showing the kids what a needle looks like and to alert me if they find one, don’t pick it up.



 Meeting Adjourned: 9:05



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