23 people were present.

Welcome and Introductions: Deb Barker – Safety exits, restrooms, etc.  New Kenney rule: wear Visitor Badge at all times.  MoCA Board introduced. 

Open Board Positions - Deb announced that she has appointed an interim Treasurer., Aaron Hannon, who will be stepping in for Eldon to take on 501c3 process and neighborhood festival finances.  Eldon will remain as ‘emeritus’ Board member. Aaron has experience in banking, and a short bio was provided.  The MoCA Public Information Officer position is also open in 2018. We hope to have a slate of officers in Jan. to be voted on at the April 18 meeting.


Mayoral Forum – 6 candidates will debate tomorrow night 6 pm. Bobbi Paschal presented Pat Murakami info.  Pat is a small biz owner running for City Council position #9.  She’s got Bernicrats and Green endorsements.  Pat will not take donations from developers.

Nov 29th Lincoln Park south play area improvement meeting put on by Parks. Tree maintenance is underway.

Morgan Park expansion planning– Natalie will lead this planning effort. The expansion area is land-banked, but there is no budget to develop it. MoCA needs a follow up meeting to define what we Do and Do Not want to happen there, etc.  Phil mentioned the idea of a temporary commercial parking lot in front of the fence with money going toward the installation, but we would need an ‘exception’ to the Parks current rules to allow the money to go towards the Morgan Park and not go into the general fund.

SW PAC report – Phil says a package stealing ring has been busted. A new problem is drug guys going into empty homes, so watch out.

Junction Festival financial wrap-up – Eldon reported that MoCA netted $1,332 from the 2017 event, which is pretty good compared to past years. We have a balance of about $6,000, and we need to leave some in savings for licenses and insurance. SW District Council will be asking for a donation for their 2018 room rental, and we have donated to the local food bank in the past.  Balance of the Festival fund comes from Business donors, but also individuals.  We need to work on the 501 (c)3 status so they can get write offs.    Cindi moved to allocate $200 for SW District Council in the event they request it.  It was seconded, voted, and passed.


 Linnea Westerlund reported on the Gatewood Elementary School playfield restoration project where existing– drainage is very poor.  Landscaper, Karen Keist, has helped design. School/PTA has raised $100K, but needs $50K more to complete the lawn and permeable concrete area.  A contractor has been hired.  Fundraising campaign to raise $50K will happen in Nov. There will be work parties  Cindi will network Linnea with a couple biz owners and also the newsletter.  Eldon proposed $200 donation, seconded, voted on and passed. 2 abstentions.

Westside Neighbors Network – Phil Tavel and Judy Messier gave pitch on “virtual village” formation. Goal is to build community the way it “used to be”.  Incorporated in Feb., and received 501c3 status in July.  Launch is 1/1/2018.  Membership levels outlined. There will be a co-living resource where folks can create intentional cohabit agreements.  Cost is negotiable depending on income.  Funds will go toward license, insurance and eventual staff.  Staff will take on the networking tasks.  https://www.westsideneighborsnetwork.org/

Scott Thomsen with Seattle City Light, gave handouts and discussed Advanced Metering program.  New meters will have a radio transmitter to sample and report 6x/day.  The meter automates the reading, and the receiver will automate the bill preparation process.  They’ll also report outages immediately whether you’re home or not.  The wireless technology is called the “mesh network”.  City Light will net $30M in labor costs.  51 meter readers will be given assistance in retraining and/or relocating.  Time of use rates will be an option to encourage folks to shift big usage to low (in general) use times.  New meters should fit on old bases;   some older homes may need their base ‘beefed up’, and City Light will cover those costs.  Users will get 3 emails and an auto-phone call notification.  A person will come knock on the door just before it happens. The new meters will be in Morgan Junction between July and December, 2018.


Terry Matson, retired WS Church of the Nazarene Pastor updated MoCA on the WS Church of the Nazarene townhouse development. This is where vacant church property has been rezoned, and six townhouses are to be built, with the rest of the site remaitained as green space. The 2016 MHA rules say that if a development raises the ‘profitability’ of the land, the fee is required, so this development is now subject to a $200,000 MHA fee.  Pastor Matson said that this is not a development for density, if it was, the Church Board would direct the construction of 3 large homes with cottages.  These townhouses are not for profitability, but to meet the mission of the church.  Pastor Matson, asked us  to write our City Councilmembers  to have the fee waived.  The church will net, at most $700K if they proceed and the Church, as principle of the project, would be responsible for the fee, not the partner development firm.  A buyout would realize more than that.  Cindi moved that MoCA write a letter supporting the waiver of the MHA fee for this non-profit.  Seconded, voted and passed, with one abstention.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment - The City did not acknowledge our written suggestion at the City Open House meeting Oct 17. We have distinct wording in our neighborhood plan (See attached below).  The City did not acknowledge the MoCA Comp Plan Amendment wording, submitted as a formal Amendment to the City Council and did not make that a option available for review or input.  We printed copies of that for people to review and had 26 people put our proposed option wording on the City’s input board.  The other input is the City’s Comprehensive Plan Amendments webpage using the online survey tool  ‘Consider It’.  MoCA will ensure that our optional wording (see below) is posted as a comment in the ConsiderIt survey, so if you support that option, it will be easy to look for it and agree with the comment. We’ll put the word out on social media, with the reminder that comments are due by December 8, 2017.

November 14 (6:30pm) at the Kenney there will be another meeting to discuss this further and we also hope to know by that time the city’s final MHA rezone map proposal that they’re taking to City Council.

 MHA Final EIS map and timing –due out in mid November. MoCA opposes one-size-fits-all plan.


Lowman Beach wall – Today Parks Department received ESA Associate draft report with summary and recommendations: a No Action Alternative, Alt 1: Expand intertidal beach area while maintaining tennis court with a seat wall; Alt 2: Revert to more natural state and Alt. 3: Keep the park as is but replace the wall.  City Parks staff will report at the January meeting. The Draft report will be added to the Parks Department Website.

Other items:

Eldon said there is a water seepage flow across California Ave SW at SW Orchard Street that has increased since the new townhouses were built.  He said that SPU has looked at it.  When it freezes, it will be a hazard to the school pedestrian traffic. Tracy with the WSB said  that SPU told her that it’s SDOT’s responsibility.  We will ask Lisa Herbold to contact the right safety  folks at SDOT to address us at the Jan  meeting.

Fred said that he counted over 60 rental bikes along California Ave between Admiral and Morgan. Report to the City via the ‘Find It, Fix It’ app when you see these rental bikes blocking the pedestrian right of way and bus loading pads.  Find it Fix it is downloadable on your phone, both for Android and IPhones.

8:44 - Adjourned.

Additional information about the Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Link to the City’s webpage and Consider It survey: http://www.seattle.gov/opcd/ongoing-initiatives/seattles-comprehensive-plan#whatwhy

Note, after the meeting MoCA confirmed how the ConsiderIt survey works this time: there are only lines for Option A, B or C.  If you want to offer alternatives, you have to add them as a comment to any of the options.  In other words, they are not allowing an Option D to be submitted online, you must email those in separately.  You can still vote for or against or anywhere along the scale and you can also show you agree with any comments put in as a pro or a con for each line.

So please get in there and show support for the following comment:

“You should use the words of the Morgan Community Association Comp Plan amendment for MJ-P13 (or P14): to keep existing words in place until formal community planning engagement is done.” “See the MoCA website for full text of their amendments, which will also be presented to City Council at the same time as the city's attempt to rewrite the communities’ Neighborhood Plan policies.”

MoCA proposed Amendments language full text:

MJ-P13 Maintain the character and integrity of the existing single-family designated areas by maintaining current single-family zoning both inside and outside the urban village on properties meeting the locational criteria for single-family zones, except where, as part of a development proposal, a long-standing neighborhood institution is maintained and existing adjacent community gathering places are activated, helping to meet MJ-P6.  This policy will remain in place and maintain standing as policy guidance within the Morgan Junction Urban Village until the conflict between MHA Recommendations and Morgan Junction Neighborhood Plan Goals and Policies is resolved through formal community planning engagement.  


MJ-P14 Ensure that use and development regulations are the same for single-family zones within the Morgan Junction Urban Village as those in corresponding single-family zones in the remainder of the Morgan Junction Planning Area. This policy will remain in place and maintain standing as policy guidance within the Morgan Junction Urban Village until the conflict between MHA Recommendations and Morgan Junction Neighborhood Plan Goals and Policies is resolved through formal community planning engagement.


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