7:00 Welcome and Introductions – Deb Barker welcomed all and introduced the MoCA Board.


7:02 District 8 Candidate Introduction(s) - No candidates showed from Dist 8.


7:10   Morgan Minute Updates

  • SW District Council – Tamsen gave an outbrief on City-wide Street projects approved under new city funding program Our new SW sector Department of Neighborhood community representative is, Yun Pitre.
  • SW Precinct Advisory Group – Deb read Phil’s report. SW precinct has lowered repeat offender’s crime rate. The SPD is Asking for even more neighbors to keep an eye on each others’ homes. Store robbing is up though, so be alert.
  • Upcoming Events for Morgan Junction Businesses – A “Spring Fling” is on May 11, 5:30-7:30, featuring champagne and small bites at Morgan Junction’s Limber Yoga, The Skin Butik, Third Stone Massage, The Bridge and West Seattle Wine Sellers.


7:15 SPECIAL FOCUS – Morgan Junction Response to MHA Proposals


Deb gave an overview of City’s MHA proposals for Urban Villages to date, noting Morgan Junction’s ongoing participation and upcoming MHA meetings and deadlines (see handout). She said that MoCA is concerned that our input is not being incorporated into MHA process. We sent a comment letter to the City in January detailing several conflicts between our Neighborhood Plan and MHA proposals. We participated in the March 7 Morgan Junction MHA workshop, where we were told by city staff that our Neighborhood Plan was outdated and not relevant. On March 27, we received communication from the City that did not speak to our concerns but instead encouraged attendance at the May 6 MHA open house.


Deb noted that the City has extended the MHA map comment deadline to June 7. Andra Kranzler with CM Herbold’s office stated that the draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) will be released in mid-May with a 45-day comment period, and the final EIS is still planned for June 30. When asked why City MHA responses to our March 7 workshop comments have yet to be made available, Andra advised that they had been uploaded this week. Deb confirmed that when the City workshop responses are produced, MoCA will publicize it in their newsletter.

The big question for Morgan Junction is will the City update their Comprehensive Plan so it’s not in conflict with our Neighborhood Plan, or will Morgan Junction have to take other action. Deb listed some possible “next steps” from amending the Morgan Junction Comprehensive Plan element to legal action. Joe commented that we should probably hire legal representation now - in case of need later. Phil replied that we are waiting for the right moment as other Urban Villages are contemplating legal action, and MoCA is watching to see what happens there. Cindi commented that some developers are also already planning to sue.

It was stated that a Comprehensive Plan amendment is a public process. Any amendment to the Comprehensive Plan has to go back in front of the full City Council in a public hearing. Two options for amendment outlined were (1) Amend the Morgan Junction plan element to clarify and confirm that identified Morgan Junction Housing and Land Use Policies remain in place until their conflict with MHA recommendations is resolved in a neighborhood planning process, or (2) Amend threatened Seattle municipal code language that addresses Single Family Zone discrepancies (SMC 23.34.010) and protects Urban Village planning. Cindi and Deb favor #1.

Eldon requested that we show the City that we are already poised to incorporate more low-income housing better than the MHA is proposing.

It was moved and seconded to send a letter to City Council and the Mayor expressing frustration and displeasure with the dismissal of our Neighborhood Plan as a valid document.

Discussion on the motion began and included:

  • The need to ensure that City Staff and Council are aware of our concern that MHA is creating conflicts with our plan, which was created with extensive public engagement and was forward thinking when written. It was suggested that the letter request a commitment to enter into a full neighborhood planning process and have a budget commitment as well. This will allow more specific discussion about the potential single family zoning transformation and displacement and also allow Morgan Junction to address businesses displacement as part of the process.
  • Cindi suggested to also add a funding ask in the Oct. Council budget deliberations for Neighborhood Planning.
  • A meeting attendee asked if the City considered the impact of small businesses losing their locations due to raised rents. Cindi said that was an issue with the recent University District Urban Village Upzone process, and the City is starting to address this. Susan said that we need more detail on Commercial policies, not just goals. There are 107 businesses within 6 blocks of Morgan Junction, and it is important to protect small businesses as well as SF households. Aundra asked if MoCA participated in the Neighborhood Plan ‘status update’ several years ago. Cindi said yes, but the City was elusive about the status of projects.

Comprehensive plan amendments proposal was then added to the motion which was restated by the original motion makers:

It was moved and seconded to support submitting Comprehensive Plan Amendments which strengthen wording that no changes to our existing plan policies related to MHA proposed changes be taken until a full planning process with the Morgan Junction Neighborhood be completed, that the proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments also be sent to the Mayor and City Council with a letter expressing frustration and displeasure at the dismissal of our neighborhood plan as a valid document and asking for a commitment to enter into a Morgan Junction neighborhood planning process, and have a budget commitment for that process as well. This motion passed unanimously.

8:00     Old Business

  • Morgan Junction Festival – June 17, 2017 Phil briefed. The planning committee has held three meetings, and minutes are recorded and shared online. He talked about schedule and bands. Several food carts are signed up. The Spatter of Morgan setting up again. Deb & Cindi will approach Cal-Mor to provide hires for tear-down. We still need a Bark of Morgan Pet Parade and contest leader/MC.
  • Murray CSO Opening - soon! - As reported by King County Staff, the Landscaping is complete; opening end of April. Fencing will remain around new grass. Party and tours in early-June.                 
  • Morgan Junction Mural – Phil discussed a proposed mural restoration by Bob Henry. Dan at Peel & Press contacted him, and he’s got a process he can do for about $10K. This would include a final UV finish that also is graffiti repellant. Funding opportunities are being clarified.
  • Planning Committee for Morgan Junction Park Expansion – Deb said that while Seattle Parks planning starts in 2018, the group is talking now about what Morgan Junction would like the park expansion to include. We will have Parks staffer Kathleen Connor to our next meeting - which has not been scheduled.
  • Greenways Location Decision Due – Cindi reports that the route is still not decided. Dept of Neighborhoods will be doing outreach about this topic at local coffee shops http://www.seattle.gov/parks/about-us/current-projects/greenways-initiative .
  • Lowman Beach Park Seawall– Deb reports that repair research is complete, and that Parks has set a Meeting for May 31 at Hall of Fauntleroy to discuss options.


8:30     New Business                                                           

  • MoCA Incorporation Discussion, Eldon shared a handout (attached) to report that MoCA is not incorporated or a 501(c)3 organization. He proposed to form as a 501(c)3, so that MoCA has a tax status than enables us to switch to a local bank, and so that MoCA can accept donations which run the Festival, among other benefits. He proposed the MoCA Board study the process and bring a proposal to the October meeting. It was moved and seconded that the Morgan Junction Community Association seek incorporation with the State of Washington and on that basis, make application for 501(c)3 Non-Profit status. Motion passed with one abstention.
  • Friends of Lincoln Park (FoLP) presentation, Sharon Baker
  • Sharon is a volunteer forester. Parks and Forterra have come up with a 20 year plan to restore Seattle forest conifers. FoLP is a part of this Green Seattle Partnership (http://www.greenseattle.org/). FoLP works twice/month to pull invasive ivy and blackberry. She asked for volunteers; sign up info is on handout, which will be attached to these minutes posted on the website. She said she would lead a nature walk in June to see the Phantom Orchids. She can provide a plant list for the park.
  • Cal-Mor Resident Council, Cindi and Deb will be meeting with them on May 17 for discussion about help at the Morgan Festival and how to work together with them on issues in Morgan Junction that affect their residents.                        
  • Age Friendly City Initiative (AFCI), Irene Stewart
  • She’s the new Project Manager for the Age-FCI. Handouts include single flyer (Age-Friendly Seattle), King County Transportation (from the Mobility Commission) and Help-Line number, will be attached to these minutes posted on the website. Goals: improve pedestrian friendly infrastructure, (we have 19 pedestrian deaths/year, but Denver has 60!). Metro has an over-65 card that is about 30% discount (RRFP). Lifelong Recreation is a pioneering program that others have copied. A new dementia-friendly recreation program is starting this year. Utility and tax reductions are available. Diane: we need senior training for jobs. Many seniors are being displaced because they can’t afford their rents with minimum wage jobs.
  • Fauntleroy - Ferry Task Force and School Birthday,
  • Deb shared that the 100- year birthday party will be on May 1 at 11:30 at the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse. Ferry triangle improvement report: see WS Blog…progress happening on goals.
  • Report on Your Voice/Your Choice - Natalie reported that the City has narrowed down to 70 projects being considered, none of them are in Morgan Junction. She offered a handout of info and website link (http://www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/programs-and-services/your-voice-your-choice).


                        The meeting adjourned at 9pm


Special follow up to MoCA Meeting Minutes.

The above mentioned Comprehensive Plan amendment has been submitted to the city, attached to this post.

The above mentioned letter to Mayor and City Council has been sent, attached to this post.

Andrea Kranzler, from Lisa Herbold’s office, provided the following information for the discussion about Tree Canopy “During the April 19 MOCA meeting some constituents raised concerns about Tree Canopy and caring for our urban forests. I wanted to share the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission 2016 Annual Report and their 2017 Work Plan this will be discussed tomorrow, 5/10/17 at 2pm, during the Human Services and Public Health Committee meeting.” (link to committee meeting video is here )

Download this file (7-19-17_MoCA_Minutes_Final.doc)7-19-17_MoCA_Minutes_Final.doc[ ]29 kB
Download this file (Comp Plan Amendment 2017 Morgan Junction Final.doc)Comp Plan Amendment 2017 Morgan Junction Final.doc[Morgan Junction Comprehensive Plan Amendment 2017]74 kB
Download this file (May 31 letter to Mayor and Council.doc)May 31 letter to Mayor and Council.doc[Letter to Mayor and City Council regarding Morgan Junction Neighborhood Plan and MHA conflicts, May 31, 2017]31 kB


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