MoCA Meeting Minutes – Oct. 19, 2016

Introductions and Morgan Minute Updates

Deb Barker, President, welcomed guests and board members.  Board members are currently: Deb Barker, Pres., Phil Tavel, VP, Cindi Barker, Public Affairs, Eldon Olson, Treasurer, Natalie Williams (new) Secretary.

Updates were provided on the following:

  • 2016 Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) applications: Deb reported that our two grant requests were rated by the SW District Council and now at SDOT for review. (#1) MoCA believes that SDOT’s Rapid Ride bus stop solution exacerbates the problem of vehicle congestion at the bus stops at California & Fauntleroy, and conveyed this to SDOT. An e-mail response from Megan Hoyt with SDOT, 9/22/16, (Attachment [1]): said “SDOT operates under the basic direction to provide the best benefit to the most people.” However, audience members disputed that, commenting that SDOT’s message reveals the lack of awareness of the extent of the problem, that they clearly do not understand that the 7:00AM backup in both directions due to these two bus stops backing up traffic through the intersection creates a more dangerous environment for up to 20 passenger vehicles in each direction. Drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians suffer the road rage of these folks who have to sit through the light multiple times waiting for the buses to move. Possible next steps were identified with no action: Can we get the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety focal to speak up for us? Can we write to Megan Hoyt’s boss? Can we write to the Mayor? Can we file a formal complaint to the King County Safety Board ( Can we sue SDOT?
  • California at Juneau Pedestrian and Bike Safety Project - Deb reported that this project is underway to add curb extensions on California Ave SW which help connect future bike corridors on 43rd and 44th Aves SW.
  • Morgan Junction Mural Status: Phil reported that Peel and Press owner Dan Austin hopes to use some of the MoCA Neighborhood Fund for to help fund repair the Mural on the Starbucks building. The building owner and Starbucks are contributing to the approximate $10,000 repair
  • 35th Ave SW – Phase II update: Deb reported that Phase I which converted four travel lanes to three has been completed. However, SDOT is pausing to take more commentson the proposed layout for Phase II, running from SW Willow Street to SW Avalon.
  • New Web Host: Phil reported that the MoCA website is going to Word Press via the new host ‘Day is New Creative’.
  • WS Ferry Open House - Deb reported on the WS Ferry open house next week, Oct. 27, at the Hall at Fauntleroy from 5 to 6:30pm.
  • Reminder: MoCA Board elections for President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are in January.

 Old Business

  • Lowman Beach Seawall – David Graves/Seattle Parks:

As many know, the Lowman Beach sea wall is tilting out. Parks has received a $250K grant from the King County Flood District to study and design a solution. Parks is hiring a consultant, ESA Adolfson, to evaluate options, including possibly removing some or all of the seawall. The public is being asked to take a survey and tell Parks how you use Lowman Beach tennis courts

  • SW District Council (SWDC) updates - Tamsen Spengler

Ms. Spengler confirmed that Mayor Ed Murrary’s Executive Order is replacing District Councils with Community Involvement Commissions (CIC). The SWDC has voted to continue meeting, although all city funding is gone. District 1 Council member, Lisa Herbold has recommended District Council funding in the Mayor’s proposed budget. Ms. Herbold has encouraged comments at the Neighborhood Council website:

  • Murray Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Update – Deb Barker

Responding to complaints, MoCA facilitated notification to folks renting near the project of some overnight testing. The 1M gallon storage tank is fully connected to the sewer system, and all utility work on Beach Drive is done. Road restoration is now occurring with associated delays. Overall Status:

Site, roadway, and park restoration – underway, System testing – underway, Project art – underway, Sewer line upgrade in the access road south of Lowman Beach Park – planned for fall 2016, and Landscaping, which is weather dependent - up to spring

SDOT will attend our January meeting to provide an update.

  • HALA Focus Group Update – Cindi Barker

This group follows the city’s actions implementing the Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) rezoning laws. The idea is that inside the defined “Urban Village” boundary line, developers will pay a tax burden (“give”) before they can convert a Single Family Residence (SFR) to a Low-Rise Multi-Family Residence (LRMF), or more dense options (LR1, LR2 or LR3). Definitions and a draft map were distributed (Attachments [3]-[6]). The draft zoning map is to go online next week. The new MHA requirements for the new zones are at the bottom of the map, Attachment [6]. There are many questions such as how existing Mother-In-Law structures will be counted/burdened, and how will the “Principles” in the blue boxes of the map be handled; for example, Will your parcel be taxed a the new zoning rate after a few years even if you choose to remain a SFR? One example was given: Beacon Hill has Light Rail, and is having an Open House to discuss the impact of the rezoning on residents. MoCA plans to have a meeting, and invite Admiral and Alaska CAs to attend, either before or after the Open House planned for the SW District.

  • SW Precinct Advisory Group – Phil Tavel

Phil reported that Advisory Group members were told about a new area of concern for car prowls around L.A. Fitness. Do not leave anything in your car, even under a jacket. Also, do not leave anything on the front porch. Police acknowledged that there are increased numbers of prowlers this time of year.

  • SPD Micro Community Policing Plan Focus Group update – Jennifer Burbridge

Ms. Burbridge, Research Analyst with SPD, shared data on crime statistics. These are from the Seattle Public Safety survey 2015. The 2016 survey is in process, and is more specific to Morgan Junction. Current data show Morgan property crimes are up 80%, and car prowls are up 100% from last year. The PowerPoint presentation is provided on the MoCA website and additional details are available at:

New Business

  • Morgan Junction Park Expansion Planning – Deb Barker

The old dry cleaners and quick stop at Eddy have been demolished. The area is slated as an extension of Morgan Junction Park in 2018, but is now “land banked” by the city. They may put in a temporary pay-for-parking lot or food truck vendor there for 2017. The city has suggested that the pay-for parking vendor would be private, but MoCA wants those profits to go back into the neighborhood. MoCA would like to start a Park Expansion Committee to be ready when Park Expansion funds become available. If you are interested in being on this committee, please contact Deb Barker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Major Projects Challenge Fund – David Graves/Seattle Parks

David reported on the Challenge Fund, which provides $1.6M from Seattle Parks for projects every year. It was once used for the Mt. Baker Rowing Center, for example. It’s intended for Public/Private collaborations. Applications for 2018 open Jan. 2017. The money is already allocated for 2017. Deb hoped it could fund some of Park Expansion.

  • Westside Neighbor Network (WNN) – Judie Messier

Ms. Messier discussed some fears of the elderly like getting “warehoused” and marginalized as they lose their independence. The creation of virtual “villages” is being attempted to allow the elderly to age in place.   WNN is soliciting neighbors to join in this “neighbors helping neighbors” effort. They expect it to take about three years to build up. Sound Services is the temporary fiscal sponsor, but they eventually plan to be a 501c3. There is some overlap with other organizations like and TimeBank, but the difference is that this service comes to you…for a membership fee. Please fill out the survey


  • Morgan Junction Festival Report – Fred Madrid

Mr. Madrid shared that the 2016 festival was well attended with approx. 800-1000 people. Several Festival leaders voiced their desire to take a break from the responsibilities for the festival. Most leader positions are available including Director, Volunteer Coordinator and Vendor Coordinator. Planning meetings are once/month. There is about 1/3 local business participation, but MoCA will probably cancel the festival this year if there are not enough volunteers. Leadership Roles for the 2017 Festival are needed, please contact Deb Barker, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Beyond MoCA Boundaries – Cindi Barker

Seattle Dept of Neighborhoods has annual surveys going on. Please follow the link to make your input.

  • New Recording Secretary - Deb Barker

On behalf of the MoCA board, Deb thanked Jennifer Whip for her service as MoCA’s Recording Secretary. Morgan Junction resident Natalie Williams has volunteered to fill the Secretary position. Under MOCA bylaws, the President is allowed to make mid-year appointments, and Deb is pleased to appoint Natalie.

  • Walk-On Topic – Eric Greve

Eric reported that Another Small Efficiency Dwelling Unit (SEDU) has been announced (SFR to LR3-MF) at 5922 California. This will convert a SFR to a 41-unit apartment with only 5 parking spaces. Please express concerns to Lisa Herbold (Senior Center Friday 12-7pm). We need 50 people to get a public meeting with the city. Please express your concern for traffic, bicycle and pedestrian safety due to all these cars taking up parking on California, and please contact Eric for updates: (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Prior to adjournment, there was a request to add the homeless topic to the next meeting agenda. Ms. Barker has asked the Fauntleroy CA to copy us on their letter to the City Council titled, ‘No Homeless Camping in Parks’.

Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm. 

Please join us for the …

        Next MoCA meeting: Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017, 7:00pm,

The Kenney,     7125 Fauntleroy Way SW



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