Meeting Minutes - Morgan Community Association

Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

The Kenney Community Room (7125 Fauntleroy Way SW)

Introductions and Morgan Minute Updates

Morgan Community Association meeting was called to order at 7:00pm and the following was shared.

  • April 28, 2016: Morgan Junction Business Mixer at Zeeks Pizza
    • Morgan Junction Community Business Owners are invited to attend a business mixer on 4/28/16 from 5-8pm at Zeeks Pizza. 
  • Morgan Junction Sidewalk Improvements – Deb Barker
    • Phase II starting May 10 (tentative)
  • Morgan Junction Park Expansion status – Deb Barker
    • Parks staff reports that the former Short Stop buildings are finally empty. Thursday, April 21, the power and water will be turned off after final contamination testing. Parks crews will be securing the building with plywood on doors and windows. The roof is rotting and they need to keep people off the roof and out of the building, so the perimeter will be fenced and posted ‘no trespassing.’ Police will be responsible for enforcing that. The fencing would be removed June 17 and replaced June 19 leaving the site clear for the Festival. Long-term short term use would be a paid parking lot; money to go to Parks general fund.
  • NPSF Award Update – Deb Barker
    • Last meeting, we reported that some issues around the benches associated with our $24,000 NPSF award need to be worked out. Unfortunately, we learned that SDOT cannot honor this request without Morgan assuming liability and on-going yearly permit costs for the benches.
  • Murray CSO Update – Comments provided by King County’s Murray CSO Project Team
    • King County’s Murray CSO Control Project is on schedule to be complete by the end of 2016. Currently, crews are conducting mechanical and electrical work inside the facility and have started to backfill soil behind the building. Utility work under Beach Dr. S.W. is ongoing and expected to continue through spring 2016. Tidal protections and a sewer line upgrade will continue through mid-summer in Lowman Beach Park and the access road just south of the park. You will also start to see project art and landscaping installation this summer and then final restoration of the road, sidewalk, and park will begin in the fall.
    • The County and its contractor know that this project has been disruptive to the community. We appreciate your patience throughout the work. We will be hosting an information session on Tuesday, April 26 from 5 to 7 pm near the project site on the 7000 block of Beach Dr. S.W. We invite you to join us to get the latest information on the project and to ask questions about what to expect during the final year of construction. There will be fun give-aways, some healthy snacks and a warm beverage available. In addition, we have not advertised this but Seattle Parks has said that they will send a representative (David Graves or Scott Stevens) to answer questions about the work at the park.

Introducing Morgan Junction HALA Focus Group members

Members introduced themselves and shared why they got involved in the HALA Focus Group. The group was invited to attend and report any updates at the next MoCA meeting in July.

  • Charles Loeffler  - Lives inside the Morgan Junction Urban Village wanting to represent South-end renters
  • Ginnie Hance - Business and land owner in Morgan Junction Urban Village concerned about long term tenants who can no longer afford rent
  • Cindi Barker - Lives outside of the Morgan Junction Urban Village and served on the original HALA focus group
  • Jenny Weinstein - Newer rental resident to West Seattle who is focused on stabilizing rent increases and helping build homes for homeless.
  • Dawn Gearhart was not in attendance

Old Business

Lowman Beach shoreline retaining wall 

David Graves, Senior Planner, Seattle Parks Department, shared information regarding the Lowman Beach shoreline retaining wall project.  The long term goal is to remove the current wall and create an area similar to the southern part of the beach, however all options will be considered.  It was reported that an application has been submitted for grant funding for design/feasibility.  Notification of funding will be received in July.  If approved, feasibility would begin this Fall and include discussions with the public regarding the future of the tennis courts. 

It was further shared that a quarterly review occurs to assess any new movement of the retaining wall. If an emergency situation arose, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Parks Department will collaborate to address.

Members of the audience commented that the use of the park is being impacted longer due to the CSO running over schedule.  It was also recommended that signs be placed at the Lincoln Park Tennis Courts asking for feedback from those impacted by the current closer of the Lowman Beach Tennis Courts.

Morgan 2015 NPSF award status

Last meeting, we reported that some issues around the benches associated with our $24,000 NPSF award need to be worked out. Unfortunately, we learned that SDOT cannot honor this request without Morgan assuming liability and on-going costs for the benches. We have instead requested that the funds be spent on re-grading the alley between California and 42nd Ave SW, Fauntleroy and Graham. SDOT believes that this can be accomplished as long as there are no changes to drainage patterns from the re-grading.                                 

June 18, 2016 Morgan Junction Community Festival                      

The Annual Morgan Junction Community Festival is taking place on June 18, 2016.  It was reported that there has been a good response from vendors. The Food Truck Court is anticipated to be located in parking lot of The Beverage Place and the stage will be located in the Morgan Junction park. 

The former commercial buildings will have the temporary fencing removed and there is discussion to coordinate a mural project for kids.  If you are interested in serving as the Project Manager for the mural, please contact MoCA. 

Several fun events and artists will be returning including Bubble Man and Bark of Morgan so please join us on June 18!

New Business

SW District Council updates (Tamsen Spengler) 

Tamsen Spengler shared information from the last meeting of the SW District Council.  She indicated that much of the discussion regarded the viaduct closure.  In addition, the YMCA received approval for a Festival Street at SW Snoqualmie Street; a Safe Speed Limit presentation took place; and there is discussion on how the time of District Coordinators will be used in the future. 

Lastly, it was announced that the West Seattle Grand Parade will take place on July 23. All neighborhood groups are invited to march with the “community” unit, and Morgan has fancy coffee cups that you can wear if you march in the parade! Let MoCA know if you can join the group, or to get involved with the parade in general visit


2016 Morgan NSF prioritization

Deb Barker shared that Neighborhood Street fund applications were due on Sunday April 17, unfortunately before the April 20 MoCA meeting.  The MoCA Board met in advance to discuss and determine projects.  The following problem areas were identified and applications were submitted.  The members of the audience were asked to notify MoCA for future recommendations.

  1. Too Many Near Misses - Fauntleroy Way SW between Raymond and 42nd, with specific emphasis at SW Graham.

Problems: lack of site distance, speeds on Fauntleroy and lack of curb bulbs for pedestrian safety. Possible solutions: Parking limitations, curb bulbs, signage, speed enforcement

  1. Rapid Ride bus stops -

Problem: Traffic backup into the intersections, Possible solutions: move the bus stops.

MOTION:  A motion was made to endorse the above Neighborhood Street fund applications.  Motion passed, no opposed. 

Seattle Summer Parkways - Jordan Adams, Seattle Parks Foundation

Jordan Adams, Seattle Parks Foundation shared that Seattle Summer Parkways event in West Seattle will take place on Sunday, September 25, 2016.  This joint effort between SDOT, Seattle Parks Foundation and Seattle Police Department will close several streets on Alki, making them car-free and giving neighbors the opportunity to bike, skate, run, play and dance in the streets.  This free 5 hour event will have live music and local Businesses are welcome to promote.  Additional Summer Parkways events are scheduled as follows:  Rainier Valley on August 13 and Ballard on August 27.  

At 8:08pm, a Motion to Adjourn was called and seconded.  Motion passed. 

Next MoCA meeting is Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 7:00pm

The Kenney Community Room

7125 Fauntleroy Way SW


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