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October 21, 2015 MoCA Meeting Agenda


Welcome and Introductions

Guests and Board Members were welcomed at 7:00pm. It was noted that due to a new policy at The Kenney, going forward all MoCA attendees will be asked to sign in/out at the front desk and where a name badge.


Arson Update – Seattle Fire and Police

MoCA was joined by members of the Seattle Fire Department and the Seattle Police Department to discuss the recent Arson incidences in West Seattle. The fires have been occurring between the 1am – 4am timeframe, near the High Point area.

Lieutenant Paul Adams from Fire Engine Company 37 provided several handouts. He encourages residents to remove brush away from homes/structures; keep areas well lit (motion detector lights are helpful) and have a fire extinguisher handy. Please call 911 to report any suspicious activity.

Captain Pierre Davis with the SW Police Precinct shared that the arsonist has been using debris to start the fires and recommended removing any possible fuel sources from around the home, for example – refuge, papers and even books if you offer a “little free library.” The Seattle Police, Seattle Fire and the ATF are partnering to find the individual(s). As a general rule, “if you see something, say something” and contact 911.

Morgan Junction Micro Policing Plan

Captain Pierre Davis and Police Research Analyst Jennifer Burbridge joined MoCA to provide an update on the Micro Policing Plan. The Policing Plan is specifically tailored to neighborhoods and is created by local residents and shared with the Seattle Police Department so they may develop strategies to address the issues.

Focus groups were held in August for the Morgan Junction community to discuss and identifythe most current concerns which are: (1) property crime; (2) issues in parks; (3) speeding/traffic and (4) non-residential issues (ie: shoplifting, etc.)

Jennifer also noted that a city-wide public safety survey has been created to help determine what safety and security concerns are a priority in Seattle. Results of the survey will be reported to the Seattle Police Department. Please share your feedback by taking approx.15 minutes to complete the Seattle Public Safety Survey at Survey ends November 30, 2015.

In addition, Seattle Police Department launched its Crime Data Dashboard giving Seattle residents access to the same statistical information on incidents of property and violent crime used by SPD commanders, officers and analysts to direct police patrols. You can find the dashboard on the following website:

District 1 Candidate messages

MoCA was joined by District 1 Candidates Lisa Herbold and Shannon Braddock, who shared information about their background and campaigns. As a reminder, Election Day is Tuesday, November 3, 2015.


Special Guest – Todd Burley, Communications Director, Office of Housing, City of Seattle

Todd Burley shared information from the Seattle Office of Housing, which is an executive department focused on affordable housing. Handouts were provided.

The Office of Housing does not own/operate housing – instead they work with strong partners throughout the city to build and manage affordable housing by offering incentives like multifamily tax deductions, incentive zoning program and many more.

In addition, several programs are offered through the Office of Housing including: home ownership programs; renter resources; homeowner resources; and information on current issues & initiatives.

For more details, please visit:

HALA/Rezones and the Morgan Neighborhood – Cindi Barker

Work is underway to determine how to implement recommendations from the recent Housing Affordability and Livability Action (HALA) report for the Morgan Junction. Cindi noted that a program manager and an outreach manager have been hired and they will be invited to attend the next MoCA meeting in January to discuss the HALA recommendations.

The next Comprehensive Plan Update/Open House will take place on November 12 at the West Seattle Senior Center located at 4217 SW Oregon Street. Public participation in the Comprehensive Plan update process is important with the current population expansion taking place in Seattle.

MoCA Minute Updates

  • Morgan Bike Rack update: All nine new Bike Racks have been installed
  • Nazarene Church Rezone update: City Council approval to change the site zoning to permit the building of townhomes, add a park and complete the Nazarene Church restoration was granted on Monday, October 12, 2015
  • Morgan Junction Sidewalk Improvement update: Project will be underway in November with hopes to complete by Thanksgiving
  • Morgan Junction Business Mixer: Is expected to gather local business owners in Spring, 2016
  • Morgan projects matrix: Is the Morgan Junction neighborhood plan created 20 years ago that includes all projects. A future meeting will be held to discuss current relevance of items


Old Business

  • Friends of Morgan Junction Park: Barry White heads this volunteer group who looks after the care for open spaces including the Fauntleroy Triangle; the Thriftway Triangle and Morgan Junction Park. The volunteer group manages the weeding, mulching, clearing of debris, arborizing, etc. for these areas.
    • Please join the next Friends of Morgan Junction Parks volunteer event at Fall Annual Renovation Event at Morgan Junction Park on November 14 from 2-4pm. All tools will be provided.
  • Land Use Updates: Deb Barker shared that a contract rezone has been submitted for 6921 California Avenue SW to have a ground floor commercial space with a residential use upstairs. Updates will be provided as they are received.

New Business

  • Traffic Calming proposal 49th/Graham - Zelma Zieman and neighbors spoke to MoCA attendeesregarding concern for the traffic safety at 49th Ave SW and SW Graham Street. After filing several complaints, completing a neighborhood survey and talking with SDOT, the current recommendation for traffic safety control is to have a painted mural at the intersection of 49th & Graham to draw attention to the intersection and help prevent accidents. Completion of the mural to occur with-in the next 6 months with continued efforts to work with SDOT on addition safety options.
    • MOTION: The Morgan Community Association supported the neighbors in proceeding with traffic calming efforts at 49th & Graham Streets. MOTION PASSED, no objections.
  • Morgan Mural Restoration - Dan Austin, local resident and Peel and Press business owner, shared efforts and intent to seek endorsement for the mural restoration of the Starbucks/Peel & Press building. The mural is based on a photo of the historic view from 1927. Restoration efforts will begin with the stabilization of the larger pieces costing $2,500. The full renovation is estimated to cost $35,000.
    • MOTION: The Morgan Community Association voted to support the restoration efforts for the mural project with Dan Austin, Peel & Press to lead the efforts. MOTION PASSED, no objections.  
  • Festival Funding Opportunity – Cindi Barker shared that planning for the June 2016 Morgan Junction Community Festival will begin in January, please let MoCA know if you would like to help. The date of the festival has been set for Saturday, June 18, 2016.
  • MoCA Board Appointments – Deb Barker, MoCA President, shared that she has appointed Philip Tavel to serve as MoCA Vice President and Tamsen Spengler to serve as SW Representative. Special thanks to Jason Wax, former VP and Tod Rodman, former SW Representative.

MoCA 2016 Elections – Deb Barker

Ms. Barker shared that a Nominating Committee is needed for the recommendation of the Slate of Officers and Executive Board Members. Positions include: President; Vice President; Recording Secretary; Treasurer. Please contact Deb Barker with interest in serving on the Nominating Committee or as a 2016 MoCA Board member.

The next MoCA meeting will be on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 7:00 PM at The Kenney, 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW.

The meeting adjourned at 9:28pm


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