Welcome and Introductions                                                                                                                

The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by MoCA President, Deb Barker.

Ms. Barker led an introduction of the current MoCA board members including: Vice President, Jason Wax; Treasurer, Eldon Olson; Secretary, Jennifer Whip; and Executive Member, Cindi Barker. Executive Member Tod Rodman was unable to attend.                                                  

City of Seattle – Special Presentation

MoCA was joined by special guest Debbie Goetz - Office of Emergency Management Overview, City of Seattle and Michael Fearnehough - Operations & Planning Coordinator, Office of Emergency Management. Ms. Goetz and Mr. Fearnehough were invited to share information relating to her department and how they help serve the local community. Some of the items highlighted include:

  • Serving as a segment of the Seattle Police Department, some of the key responsibilities of the department is preparation for catastrophic crises; preparedness and community awareness efforts; comprehensive planning; recovery and mitigation; and emergency training.
  • A new emergency alert system will be launched in August, 2015 called “Alert Seattle.” Residents will be able to register online to receive emergency alerts via text, email, or phone in the event of local emergency including: evacuations; oil / train explosions; volcanic eruptions; earthquakes, etc.
  • An emergency operations center provides citywide coordination and response utilizing over 20+ departments in the city.
  • In June, 2016, an emergency training called Cascadia Disaster Prep will take place which prepares selected city employees to serve a roll in emergency preparation in the event of a large scale disaster. A computer model generates information relating to earthquake subductive zones, one which is located 75 miles off the coast, however it was noted that zone is not indicating any movement.
  • It was further shared that city is required to adhere to a comprehensive planning process which lays out the emergency preparedness plan philosophy and is evaluated every 4 years. The plan was updated in 2015 and will be reviewed by city council in the coming months.
  • Please visit http://www.seattle.gov/emergency-management for more information.


MoCA Minute Updates 

  • 35th Avenue Southwest Safety Design: Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) held two public meetings on July 15 and July 16; neighbors learned about proposed safety improvements and project phasing.  Visit http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/35thSW.htm for additional information.
  • MoCA will participate in the West Seattle Grand Parade on Saturday, July 18.
  • Morgan Bike Rack Update: One of nine of the new bike racks have been installed, the first being placed on California Avenue by Little Prague Bakery. Installation of the remaining bike racks is expected by September.
  • Nazerene Church Rezone Update: The code amendment changes for the proposed rezone remain on hold due to the SEPA appeal filed, which relates to a non-Morgan Junction amendment. Additional information is anticipated in September.
  • 2015 Morgan Junction Festival Wrap-Up: the 10th Annual festival took place on June 20, which reflected strong sponsorship from Morgan Junction community business and residences. Mark your calendars for the next annual Morgan Junction Festival scheduled for Saturday, June 18, 2016.
  • Local business Second Gear Sports is a finalist in this year’s Drive Your Business Forward contest from Fast Company and Mercedes-Benz. Help them win by casting your vote at: http://www.fastcompany.com/section/drive-your-business-forward Voting ends August 7.

Old Business

Murray CSO Briefing

Doug Marsano, Water Quality Planner/Project Manager IV, King County, provided an update on the Murray Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and Lowman Beach Park Project. He indicated the overall project is on schedule and construction will continue through this fall. In addition, the following was shared:

  • Expect increased street construction through August for installation of a new storm drain and a new water line on Beach Drive. One lane of traffic will remain open during construction.
  • SDOT plans to narrow the North end of Beach drive to calm traffic. Parking on both street sides will be maintained.
  • Installation of a “flat gate” will be installed to keep tide flow from entering the pump station.
  • While areas of Lowman Beach may be closed during construction, the park is expected to be restored to its original design at completion of the project.

Morgan Junction Business Mixer

Eldon Olson shared that discussions have taken place with several businesses who indicated interest in forming a group to gather Morgan Junction business owners regularly. While the final date is still to be determined, MoCA will be hosting the first “Morgan Junction Business Mixer” on a Thursday evening in September at Zeek’s Pizza. An invitation will be sent to every Morgan Junction business owner once the details are finalized.

NPSF Morgan Junction Sidewalk Improvement Project                                                   

Howard Wu, SDOT Manager of Neighborhood Parks Program shared that the sidewalk improvements on Fauntleroy and California Ave SW are scheduled to begin in late summer and be completed in early fall. The work will be divided into 3 phases, each taking one week to complete. Access to local businesses will be arranged during construction and notification will be provided to each impacted business 2 -3 weeks in advance. A temporary relocation of one bus stop may need to occur, which will be coordinated between SDOT and Seattle Metro.

Morgan cut-through traffic study                                                                                         

Cindi Barker shared that all of the information relating to the Morgan cut-through traffic study conducted by SDOT has been received. As a reminder, the study was requested by neighbors to identify the increase of traffic on SW 37th, 38th, 39th, and 41st streets. If concerns continue, please contact MoCA.

New Business

SW Precinct Focus Group Interest

Jennifer Burbridge, Research Assistance with Seattle Police Department and Ron Smith, Seattle Police shared information regarding a new Micro Community Policing Plan. There are currently 9 micro-communities identified for West Seattle. Focus groups are being created to allow residents of each micro-community to gather, discuss, and identify 3 – 5 top safety concerns. A survey will be made available to each focus group and results will be shared with Seattle Police who will develop a plan to address concerns. It was noted that the micro-community policing plan will not increase officers in the area, but will utilize partners.

The next focus group meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 11 at 7:00pm at the Southwest Precinct located at 2300 S.W. Webster Street, Seattle, WA 98106. The focus group will be led by Jennifer Burbridge. If you are interested in participating, please contact her atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

KAWS (Kulture and Arts on the West Side) Endorsement Request                  

Judy Pigott & Co. joined MoCA to request an endorsement in support of efforts to identify West Seattle as an Arts & Culture District. The City of Seattle’s Arts & Cultural Districts program originates from the Cultural Overlay District Advisory Committee’s June 2009 report, which recommended Arts & Culture districts as the number one best way to preserve Seattle’s unique arts community. The Arts & Culture District concept is a community driven endeavor which has been shown to increase walkability, street vibrancy, and overall vitality.

The Office of Arts & Culture anticipates a one-district-per-year roll out, in order to test new programs and adequately support the neighborhood in their endeavors. The first District to be named as part of the Arts &

Cultural Districts program is the Capitol Hill Arts District.   It was shared that Queen Anne is pursuing efforts to identify an area called “Uptown” to be included as part of the Arts & Culture District. MoCA requested additional time to learn more about the concept and will further discuss at its October meeting.   Please see the links below for information on Arts & Culture Districts:

Morgan Neighborhood Plan Update

Cindi Barker distributed information relating to the Morgan Neighborhood Plan. Participants were asked to review the information and identify their next top 5 projects. Discussion and determination of 2016 Projects will take place at the October MoCA meeting. The list of projects will be posted on the website in August.

Please contact Cindi with any questions at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SWDC Budget Recommendation

Deb Barker shared that funding of two applications have been approved by the SW District Council-Neighborhood Park and Street Fund. SWDC ranked the following to move forward:

  • #1 Ranked Project:2015-050 California and Juneau Crossing Improvements
  • #2 Ranked Project:2015-055 Street and landscape improvements at California Ave SW from Juneau to SW Myrtle Street

Land Use Updates

Jason Wax shared information on two new land use projects requesting city approval for rezoning in Morgan Junction. One application is a single family home located at 6921 California Ave requesting to rezone permitting them to tear down the existing home and replace with a 2 story structure with a restaurant on level one and a home on level two. The second application submitted for discussion is a rezone application changing the block from Stella Ruffingtons to Café Ladro from an LR2RZ to an NC330, which is intense commercial.

Morgan Junction Festival 2016

Save the date: Saturday, June 18, 2016 was voted as the date for the next annual Morgan Junction Festival.

By Laws

MoCA participants were provided draft copies of a proposed amendment to the Morgan Community Association By-Laws. The amendment was titles “Article VIII – MoCA Neighborhood Fund.” The draft language included the purpose and process of the Neighborhood Fund. Ms. Deb Barker confirmed the draft recommended amendment was posted on the MoCA website for feedback since late April, no feedback had been received.

MOTION: A motion was made by Cindi Barker, seconded by Eldon Olsen to approve the proposed changes to the By-Laws, as presented.

MOTION PASSED:   With no changes recommended from MoCA website, meeting participants voted with no objection to approve the proposed changes to the By-Laws. 1 voter abstained.

District 1 Candidate messages

MoCA was joined by Lisa Herbold, District 1 Candidate, who was allocated 5 minutes to share information about her background and campaign.  Ms. Herbold also spoke to MoCA at the April meeting. Seattle City Council District No. 1 will appear on the Primary Election Ballot August 4, 2015. Only registered voters who live in Seattle District No. 1 can vote for a candidate in this district. The top two vote-getters in this primary election will be placed on the general election ballot. This is true regardless of whether or not one candidate receives a majority of the primary vote. The candidate elected to this district will serve a four year term.


Motion to adjourn the meeting was seconded and passed with no objection. Meeting adjourned at 9:19pm.

NEXT MoCA meeting will be on Wednesday, October 15, 2015 at 7:00 PM at The Kenney, 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW.                                                    


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