Call to Order and Introduction

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by MoCA President, Deb Barker.

Ms. Barker led an introduction of the other current MoCA board members including: Vice President, Chas Redmond; Treasurer, Eldon Olson; and Executive Member, Cindi Barker.

Election of New Board Members

Elections for the 2015 MoCA Board were held, with all meeting participants having the option to cast their vote for the following positions and candidates:

  • New Officers
    • Vice President – Jason Wax
    • Secretary – Jennifer Whip
  • New Executive Board Members
    • SW District Council Representative – Tod Rodman
    • Executive Board – Cindi Barker and Tod Rodman

Treasurer Eldon Olson tabulated the Voting results and indicated that the majority of the 21 ballots cast voted in favor of the new Officers and Executive Board Members. The new members were welcomed.

Outgoing Vice President, Mr. Chas Redmond was recognized for his significant years of service to the MoCA Board and his local community.

District I Candidate message

MoCA had an exciting opportunity to meet three of the nine individuals with interest in representing West Seattle as a District I candidate.  Each individual was allocated 5 minutes to share information about their background and campaign. Speaking were Lisa Herbold, Phillip Tavel and Tom Koch.

MoCA Minute Updates

  • Joe Paar with Paar Construction explained that they like to give back to each community they build in and have provided Morgan Junction with a NEW “little library’ at Morgan Junction Park, which has been installed and free books are now available.
  • Morgan Junction Festival is celebrating its 10 year anniversary! This year’s Festival will occur on June 20 at Morgan Junction Park and will continue its tradition of featuring Live Music, Bite of Morgan, Bark of Morgan, Vendor Booths and Food Trucks. To volunteer, contact Tod Rodman at: ­­­425-445-1213, or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." href="mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Morgan Junction Park Spring Clean will take place on April 25 from 1 – 3pm. You will be able to see our new tools Job Box.
  • Expansion efforts are underway for the Morgan Junction Park at the Mini Mart and Dry Cleaner site. The City of Seattle has purchased the property and has acquisition money for the project, but funds for development will still have to be requested as part of the park district plan. Remediation efforts will take place to treat any ground contamination. After remediation and when funds for design are available, a planning group will be developed to address design efforts for the expansion, including looking at SW Eddy St. as an opportunity to be a designated Festival   Street.
  • Hub Drill and Hub-a-thon events scheduled for April 17, April 18, and May 9. There will be 12 Hubs in West Seattle, including one in Morgan Park. A Hub is where the community can gather in the event of an emergency. The efforts focus on being prepared for 7-10 days within city limits and 3 weeks in rural areas.
  • We have submitted a Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund request for the final phase of improvement of California   Avenue streetscapes. Money has already been allocated to plant street trees (completed in 2013) and to install bike racks this summer. The final phase would make improvements to the landscaping and install benches. We should hear if we are successful sometime this summer.

City of Seattle - Special Presentation

MoCA was joined by special guest Dove Alberg, Director, Capital Development and Construction Management, Finance and Administrative Services, City of Seattle. Ms. Alberg was invited to share information relating to her department and how they help serve the local community. Ms. Alberg provided several handouts and highlighted some of the following:

  • In 2010, a merger of three departments occurred to develop Finance & Administrative Services (FAS), which now has over 600 employees.
  • Some of the key responsibilities of FAS include internal services; citizen service bureau; taxi regulation; business licenses; regulation and oversight of city contracting; financial services; operation of vehicle fleets; ownership and operation of city facilities, including design and construction. It was noted that a Neighborhood Service Center offering passport services and a post office, is located at 2801 SW Thistle Street.
  • An update on Fire Station 32 on SW Alaska St. was provided indicating that the schematic design is almost complete; crews have been temporarily relocated; construction is expected to begin in June, 2015 and be completed within 12 months; facility should be open by July, 2016; and that the art work will include a large scale toy fire truck that will hang off of the building, which was designed by Sean Orlando, a West Coast artist who was selected out of 400 artist applicants.
  • Information was shared on a parcel in the Morgan Junction community located at 7018 Lincoln Park Way SW. The parcel has a wetland area and is not desirable for development due to the steep slope. The Seattle Parks Department previously indicated they do not have interest in the parcel.
  • Closing questions included a request for information relating abandoned electrical stations, which is included in the neighborhood plan. Ms. Albert agreed to follow-up and further discuss with Tod Rodman.
  • Recommendations for presentations by other government departments should be sent to Deb Barker.

Old Business

Morgan cut-through traffic study

Chas Redmond provided results to the Morgan cut-through traffic study conducted by SDOT. The study, requested by neighbors, was to identify the increase of traffic on SW 37th, 38th, 39th, and 41st streets. Results confirmed an increase in traffic, although the increase is not considered excessive until results show over 1,000 vehicle usage. Specific information based on measurements going Northward from Fauntleroy   Way SW and SW Morgan St. included the following:

  • 37th Avenue SW: average volume of 150 cars/day; average speed of 20mph; 85th percentile speed of 25mph
  • 38th Avenue SW: average volume of 225 cars/day; average speed of 21mph; 85th percentile speed of 27mph
  • 39th Avenue SW: average volume of 365 cars/day; average speed of 24mph; 85th percentile speed of 30mph
  • 41st Avenue SW: average volume of 344 cars/day; average speed of 21mph; 85th percentile speed of 25mph

Affected residents may be interested in applying for traffic calming measures through city programs, and contacting SPD as noted below.

Morgan Junction Business Association                                                  

Eldon Olson shared that the Morgan Junction Business Association is still planning phase. The intent is to offer a non-formal structure, similar to a Booster Club, for the 110 businesses of Morgan Junction.

New Bike Racks

Cindi Barker indicated that 9 new bike racks will be installed and maps were provided as a handout. The schedule for the installation is currently underway.

SW Precinct Advisory Committee

Cindi Barker also shared information relating to the SW Precinct Advisory Committee, who meets monthly. Some of the highlights from the meetings include:

  • Police are interested in cut through traffic and have set enforcement controls
  • Solstice Park will get more popular around graduation, so keep watch for and report on any negative activity
  • Police department updates include: having 5 new engraving kits available, free to use; they are adding community policing officers; they are getting the 1st new mobile precinct vehicle, which is hoped to make an appearance at the Morgan Junction Festival; Change in usage of Radar guns to new Laser guns, permitting any Police Officer to use, instead of only Traffic Officers; and lastly neighborhood policing plans are being created – Morgan Junction is in Phase 2.

Sidewalk Improvement Grant

Deb Barker provided an update on the Sidewalk Improvement Grant indicating that Ginnie Hance, the owner of Ivy Court Apartments received notification from the City that the project has been granted for full approval for sidewalk improvements on the west side of California Avenue SW from Fauntleroy Way SW to 6533 California Ave SW, next to Ivy Court, as well as the Fauntleroy Way SW side of Starbucks. The project will include new sidewalks and replacement of current trees.

Nazarene Church Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Deb Barker shared that Morgan Junction related code amendment changes are currently on hold for the proposed rezone, building of 6 townhomes, and renovation of the church building located at 42nd   Ave SW and SW Juneau. The code amendment changes approved by MoCA and forwarded to the City are part of a City-wide collection of code amendments going through the SEPA process. Unfortunately, someone filed a SEPA appeal on a non-Morgan amendment, which halts review of all of the proposed amendments. Notification of appeal hearings will be shared and it is hoped that more information can be provided at the next MoCA meeting in July.

Receivership Committee report – Proposed By-Laws Changes

Receivership Committee presented proposed by-laws changes to address the MoCA Neighborhood Fund for discussion and provided draft by-laws language. The fund was created with a $25,000 donation to MoCA received last year; the Admiral Neighborhood Association (ANA) is serving as the fiscal sponsor. The next step is to create a plan for the use of funds and amend the MoCA by-laws. Comments on the draft language is requested by mid-May. Additional discussion and voting on proposed by-laws changes will take place at the July MoCA meeting. A copy of the draft procedures and a visual flow diagram will be posted on the MoCA website. Any additional feedback is to be sent to Deb Barker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New Business

YMCA Funding Endorsement Request

Josh Sutton, YMCA Regional Executive shared information relating to the YMCA Funding Endorsement Request. The West Seattle YMCA is working on an expansion that will increase family program space, accessible locker room space and include a healthy kitchen, community meeting room and underground parking. Mr. Sutton is requesting letters of support to request funding for $100,000 from the City of Seattle to establish SW Snoqualmie Street south of their building as a Festival   Street in the expansion plans.

MOTION:            A motion to approve a letter of support for $100,000 funding from the City of Seattle for the West Seattle YMCA.


  • The Festival Street will be available for community use. The YMCA will be the stewards. The YMCA will be required to apply for a permit annually and share any plans for use.

MOTION PASSED:          

Following discussion, the motion passed without objection to approve a letter of support for $100,000 funding from the City of Seattle for the West Seattle YMCA.


SW District Council – Design Review Concerns

Tod Rodman and Cindi Barker shared that the CNC council would like to create a letter to combine input of various neighborhoods citizens relating to design review. Each district council would share the top 5 recommendations for consideration. The recommendations would be forwarded to the City’s Design Review Program Advisory Group. Feedback received from the Morgan Community Association meeting participants:

  • 2 minutes is too short of time to provide public comment at the Design Review meetings.
  • Knowing topics ahead of time would be helpful, example - transportation not on agenda
  • Consider review of design standards, perhaps request expansion of guidelines

In closing, Mr. Rodman shared the next West Seattle Land Use Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 29 at 6:00pm at the SW Library. Additional feedback or comments are to be sent to Mr. Rodman.

Neighborhood Conservation District Proposal

Deb Barker shared that she recently attended a City Neighborhood Conservation District meeting at High Point Community Center. The meeting included a proposal by Seattle City Councilmember, Tom Rasmussen for the City of Seattle to consider the design and implementation of a neighborhood conservation district strategy as a means of achieving neighborhood preservation goals for those neighborhoods interested in preserving the unique character of their neighborhoods. The proposal would not apply to Urban Villages, like Morgan Junction, but could be in commercial zones. The Planning Commission will continue to review and provide feedback. Once additional details are received, MoCA can review its neighborhood plan and develop a line by line assessment to see how the proposed program would work with our neighborhood plan goals.

Workshop Invitation – Things to know now that you are 50

Lyle Evans, Interim Director, Senior Center of West Seattle “Not your Momma’s Senior Center” introduced Dori Gillam and shared that all of the proceeds from the workshops go to the senior center. Ms. Gillam provided information on a Four-Session workshop called “Things to know now that you are 50.” The workshops provide valuable information to help prepare for your next exciting life stage including tips and resources. Cost is $100 in advance for all 4 sessions or $135 at the door. Workshops are 2 hours each and include:

  • May 5Aging Happens: Aging WELL Takes Work!
  • May 12Have the Time of Your Life!
  • May 19Health and Care
  • May 26Death is the New Sex! No Longer a Taboo Subject

Closing Comments / Save the Date

  • June 20, 2015The Morgan Junction Festival
  • July 15, 2015 at 7:00pmNext MoCA meeting at The Kenney, 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW


Motion to adjourn the meeting was seconded and passed with no objection. Meeting adjourned at 9:14pm.


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