Morgan Community Association Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2013

7:00 pm at the Kenney


Welcome & Introductions Deb Barker, President, opened the meeting.  Also present were Chas Redmond, Vice President, Eldon Olson, Treasurer and Cindi Barker, Public Information Officer.  Sean Gamble, Secretary, was not present.  There were 13 people in attendance.


Announcements & Updates

Cindi reported that the Friends of Orchard Street Ravine has started monthly workparties, on the second Saturday of each month, from 9:00 until 1:00 pm.  If you are interest3ed in participating, contact Liann Sundquist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chas Redmond described how a subcommittee of the Southwest District Council has been formed to review the process for conducting a California Ave SW Building inventory of Historic and Notable Structures, and determine next steps.


Chas reminded everyone to come out and have a great time at the Alki Art Fair,  July 20 and 21.


Rapid Ride – The SDOT representative who was scheduled to attend had to cancel at the last minute but sent the following by email:

After the last meeting I attended, I did look into what lead to installing the center curbing on Fauntleroy just west of California Ave.  There were concerns that came into SDOT about vehicles crossing the double yellow striping into the oncoming lane.  Our project engineer then went out on three occasions to check out this behavior, and he found this was occurring.  So he initiated the effort that led to installing the center curbing.

Deb will follow up with him and invite him to the October meeting.


Candidate for City Council – Albert Shen.  Mr Shen is running for Position 8, against Mike O’Brien.  He distributed campaign material, and spoke briefly. For more information about his positions and views, please see his website at



King County Assessors' Office Assessment update Lloyd Hara, KC Assessor is out visiting neighborhood groups in preparation for the next time West Seattle structures are analyzed for assessment.  He would like to improve customer service and transparency of the Assessors office and improve the equity of assessments.  His presentation can be found at

Briefly, there are over 700,000 parcels that his office is responsible to assess.  2014 will be West Seattle’s next physical assessment, which happens once every 6 years.  He described the process of evaluation, then notification and then appeal, noting that you cannot appeal your tax, only the value that was assessed for your property.  He also showed how, due to the levy taxes that have been approved by voters, it is possible that your value could go down, but your tax could be higher.  His office number is 206-296-7300.


Morgan Junction Micro Housing project (5949 California Ave SW) – Deb reported that the developer was unable to attend our meeting.  She gave a brief description of the project, noting that the five-story building will have five units; each unit will have no more than 8 rooms that range in size from 181 to 270 square feet.  There will be a common kitchen and a common living area on each floor and a common laundry on the first floor.  This project is still under administrative review, with Zoning and Structural review still to be completed.  Other departments have already reviewed and approved the proposed development.  The project is vested to current codes and no public review is required.


Bicycle Master Plan Update - Sara Zora from SDOT presented the status of the Bike Master Plan.  The Draft that is out for review right now was released on June 5th and the comment period remains open until July 26.  The current schedule has SDOT submitting a final draft to City Council at the beginning of September.  There will be a Public Hearing in September as well, she believes it will be September 16.  Sara reviewed the highlights of each chapter of the plan, which can be found at

After her presentation there was a series of questions:

Q – Will the streets designated as Greenway Streets get improved paving?

A – Yes, there is some money set aside for street improvement.

Q – Will there be a list of the priorities available?

A – yes, soon, along with costs and the full project list by priority.

Q – Why did you propose a cycle track from Fauntleroy Way to California, then it becomes a shared street, then it becomes a cycle track again?

A – it’s interrelated with freight mobility and other transportation needs.  But it that doesn’t make sense, you should send that in as a comment.

Q – if a cycle track is build on Morgan St, that’s a barrier to my house, and I’ve also been told that there will be curb bulbs build on Morgan.

A – We don’t know which side of Morgan the cycle track would be built on, that and discussion about curb bulbs will come out closer to when we actually start to work on that part of the system.

Q – is it really feasible, moneywise, to construct a cycle track down Sylvan Way?  Why don’t you use an existing broader east/west street like Holden.

A – that would be a great comment to submit.



Murray/Lowman Beach CSO update - Doug Marsano, KC Metro sent an update about the project.  They now have a contractor signed for the demolition of the site, that will be done by Tiger Construction out of Everson, WA.  The demolition should start in August and is planned to be completed by Labor Day.

The contractor for construction will be Shimmick Constriction Inc of Oakland CA, they will be responsible for the overall project and are finalizing the contracting paper work now.

Doug also commented that many of the people who stopped by his booth at the Morgan Festival were aware of the project, so that was good news to him.


Friends of Morgan Junction Park update - Barry White gave a recap of how the Friends group was formed, how just individuals were dealing ad hoc with the weeding and plantings and how they group was formed in late spring to work to restore and beautify our shared public spaces.  They have established connections with the City’s volunteer coordinator and the SW districts Head Gardener and created a Facebook page

As a Friends group registered with the city, we will  want to make sure all time spent in the park is logged.  They have also acquired a watering coupling and have established a regular watering and weeding schedule.  Saturday July 20 from 10 to noon will be the next work party.  While the group is getting lots of thanks from passers by on work days for the efforts in the park, we want to convert those folks into helpers as well.   It was suggested that establishing a regular work party schedule posted on the Facebook page might help with that desire.  Finally, FoMJP will be reviewing the plantings in the park as well as the trees, with a view towards enhancing the tree canopy.

It was also announced that FoMJP will also start working in the triangle of land next to Thriftway, and the Thriftway manager has said they would be interested in being involved in that effort.


California Ave SW Grant  = 20 new street trees.  Cindi Barker reviewed how part of MoCA’s application for 2012 Neighborhood Project Funds has been awarded, so far only the part addressing Street Trees to filling the missing gaps which have developed along California Ave SW (from Juneau to Myrtle).  Deb, Sean and Cindi walked the street to review where trees were missing from tree wells, or where trees could be added.  The city had advised that there was budget for approximately 20 trees, they came up with 15 locations.  The empty tree well outside Feedback Lounge will not be submitted, they have applied for a permit for sidewalk seating and that tree will is scheduled to be filled in as part of the permit requirements.  MoCA will take the responsibility to notify the affect homeowners who live at those locations, to ensure that people know what is going on and have a chance to provide input.  The locations will be submitted to the City next week for their review and then we can develop a plan so that we know where the trees will actually go in, as some of the suggested areas may not be appropriate due to underground vaults or other issues identified by the Urban Forestry department.


Morgan Junction Park - Citizen Comfort Levels – Discussion returned to the Morgan Park, and Tod Rodman talked about what has been observed during the FoMJP work parties.  They notice that there are very few women, especially with children, using the park.  There is a now-regular group of people who spend quite a bit of time in the park, and they seem to make people uncomfortable, even if they are not doing anything illegal.  There was discussion on what was and was not illegal, and it was suggested that Parks post a sign similar to what they have done in other parks so that people know for sure when to call in issues.  While some feel the “regulars” are harmless, there have still be occasions when they are passed out in the middle of the park and now people are sleeping at night in the back of the park, on the street right of way.  Cindi has talked with the Community Policing officer, Jonathan Flores, who encourages people to call it in if they see something illegal or something which is a health & safety issue (passed out).  All agreed that we want to have more residents and children use the park so it becomes friendly again.


MoCA 2013 Festival 2013 update.  Deb Barker covered the festival in a flurry of numbers

12 performers on 2 stages

36 vendors

31 sponsors (thank you!)

15 dogs in the Bark of Morgan Parade

9 winner dogs

6 Bite of Morgan resturants who gave out between 99 and 278 bites each

4 food trucks who served between 75 and 199 meals

1 grant (our first ever)

And we’re guessing there were 650 to 700 people who came out on such a beautiful day – a great time was had by all!



The next MoCA meeting will be on October 16, 2013 at 7:00 PM

The Kenney, 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW, Room #2


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