Morgan Community Association Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2013

7:00 pm at The Kenney


President Deb Barker began the meeting.  MoCA officers Chas Redmond, and Sean Gamble were also present. Cindi Barker, who does community information work for MoCA, was also present.



Bicycle Master Plan Update

Sara Zora with SDOT updated everyone on the Bicycle Master Plan Update.  Here is the background: In 2007, Seattle City Council adopted the Bicycle Master Plan.  The focus is on making the city better and safer for bicycling.  Part of the Plan is to designate bicycle lanes.  Now we are shifting the way we look at bicycles in order to encourage more people of all ages to ride their bicycles, commute to work, and enjoy their neighborhoods.  We can use neighborhood streets and residential greenways to encourage these goals.


SDOT accepted a lot of feedback from bicyclists and also reached out to a variety of demographic groups.  More bicycling also supports the Climate Action Plan.  You can find the Phase 1 Report online here:


Many bicyclists expressed their concerns with the lanes and the rules of the road not being well understood by some motorists.  SDOT would like to do a better job of educating our roadway users in how to safely use our roads and lanes.


You can also find SDOT’s bicycle and environmental report online, which includes a five-year update on the Bicycle Master Plan.


SDOT wants to incorporate best international practices in creating a bicycle-friendly city.  This involves increasing safety, connectivity, equity, livability, and bicycle ridership.  Copenhagen offers a great model for bicycle practices that Seattle can consider.  The update should have a good vision and implementation process.  SDOT wants to do a better job in lower income areas.  SDOT would like to receive comments on its draft network map of bicycle lanes.


We are in public engagement, Phase 2, right now.  SDOT will be seeking grants and state and federal funds to develop these goals.  SDOT is developing a data-driven strategy that involves creating Neighborhood Greenways, which are non-arterial enhanced streets, and upgrading streets with bicycle lanes, buffered bicycle lanes, and creating off-street multi-use trails.  SDOT is creating a connected network throughout the city.


Sara presented a large map of the draft bicycle network for SW Seattle.  You can see the SW Seattle Bicycle Map here:


Sara received comments about SW and Morgan Junction plans.  There was discussion about potential bicycle lanes or a cycle track along Morgan.


There are places for additional information and for making comments about possible bicycle plans on the SDOT website here:



Announcements & Updates

New Morgan Junction Park: Chip Nevins with Seattle Parks informed MoCA that Parks is still working on getting estimates on the possible clean up costs of the property north of Morgan Junction Park (“Short Stop” property).  Acquiring and cleaning up the property would expand the existing green space in the heart of Morgan Junction.  The possible clean up costs would affect the purchase price.  Parks should be on track to have progress on this Parks project by the second half of the year.


Workshops for Neighborhood Matching Fund: The workshop is this Thursday, January 17.  The city puts on workshops for teaching folks how to apply to funding sources for grants.


“Gathering of Neighbors”: At the new Chief Sealth Galleria on Saturday, May 4, from 9 to noon, there will be a leadership council in a town hall meeting format for discussing what communities can do with community members with mental issues to help them, to work with agencies, and so forth, to explore what can be done at the grassroots level.  From noon to 3 will be the community festival with booths and entertainment.



Status of Funding Applications

Cindi spoke on the NPF $12,000 grant, which will combine with trees from another fund.  The grant will provide sidewalk benches and bicycle racks.  We will talk with neighborhood business owners to learn what will make Morgan Junction better.  The grant is roughly along California and crosses the Junction.  This is the idea phase now.  Please let us know any ideas you have.


Chas Redmond spoke on the Festival Grant of $1,200.  MoCA successfully applied for a grant that funds neighborhood festivals.  This grant will help to pay for the talent at the festival.  Remember that our festival is on June 22 this year.


Deb Barker spoke on the Bridging the Gap NSF grants.  MoCA submitted two applications for NSF last month, although neither was recommended for approval.  One application, named “California Avenue Corridor Conditions,” sought road improvements for California Avenue potholes between Graham and Holly.  Another application sought road-crossing safety improvements at these intersections: SW Graham from California Ave SW to Fauntleroy Way SW; SW Morgan from 42nd Ave SW to 35th Ave SW; and SW Holden from California Ave SW to 25th Ave SW.  MoCA plans to resubmit portions of these applications to the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund (NPSF). The deadline is February 4.  MoCA proposes to focus on the most pressing issues in the new round of applications.


There was one Morgan Junction-area application that was recommended for approval by the SW District Counsel: an alley improvement by Morgan Junction Park.  Another West Seattle project recommended for approval is a sidewalk improvement by Arbor Heights by 100 and 106.  And a third was the Admiral road crossing improvements (a pedestrian-activated signal and a sidewalk installation).



Murray / Lowman Beach CSO

Doug Marsano updated everyone on the CSO project.  King County manages tap water and sewage and storm overflow water.  The same set of pipes is used for both storm water and sewage water. Usually, this is not a problem.  But several days per year this is a problem during heavy rain, when the system is stressed beyond capacity and can cause environmental damage in the form of run-off into the Puget Sound.  The improvements are designed to protect the Puget Sound environment.


The improvements, which include many design considerations, are also meant to reflect the values of the community.  The CSO will include a hidden million-gallon storage tank.  The site plan will have trees and look like a park.  A main concern of the community was to reduce any industrial feel of the site.  Another concern was to improve and incorporate view taking of the scenery.  A third concern was to calm nearby traffic patterns.  And fourth, the plan should create continuity between the CSO and the neighborhood.  The site will be an open-use space for the community.  Eventually, the trees around the CSO will grow up and cover the structures.  The wall design has been broken up to reduce any slab-like feel.  The green roof will have an alpine meadow-like appearance.  There will also be a pedestrian throughway.  The walls along the walkways are designed by an artist and will involve very durable rammed-earth construction.  The artist designed ecological continuity throughout the site.  The public space will have a rain garden that will use storm water.  Trees will be set back from the sidewalk.


Now the focus is on obtaining permits and then deconstructing the buildings, which involves saving and reusing many old building materials.  Deconstruction should be started within the next few months.  It will be expensive to remove the known asbestos from the buildings.  Salvaging will also be involved.  The artist will coordinate the salvaging process.  This should be finished by the end of April.  The bid process for the construction will involve several steps and may require until the third or fourth quarter to be completed with construction beginning at that time.  The construction may be finished in mid to late 2016.


The community input was invaluable to this process.  Doug thanked MoCA and the West Seattle Blog for all the help.  The design process went through several reiterations and improvements.  Doug will be back in April to update the community.  Here is a link that gives additional information:



MoCA Festival

June 22 is the date for the Festival this year.  MoCA has started doing the planning and will be meeting monthly.  There are groups for planning music, kids events, food.  You can suggest local musicians who can play at the Festival.  2012’s festival had bad luck with weather.  We also needed more volunteers.  Please volunteer.  We are hoping that this year will be much better than last year’s festival, which didn’t have enough volunteers and also had unlucky weather.  This year, we very much need volunteers to help set up in the morning and then take down in the evening. This is really important and will be much appreciated.  This year will shape up to be a great MoCA Festival.




Tree Ambassador Projects

Sean Gamble spoke on the end-of-the-year Tree Ambassador projects in Morgan Junction.  Deb did a lot great pruning at the tree triangle by the Juneau-Fauntleroy bus stop.  We also had a lot of volunteers to help the tree triangle by the Morgan-Fauntleroy bus stop by Thriftway.  We cleaned the site, pruned, spread mulch, and planted new cherry trees.  The cherry trees should look great when they blossom in the springtime.  The Seaview area has gotten a lot of new street trees along Juneau, Raymond, Graham, and other streets, thanks to Tree Ambassador efforts.  Everyone is encouraged to think of new tree planting projects for Morgan Junction.  Please submit your ideas for tree-planting projects.  We can help neighbors plant trees on their own property.  We can also help with planting new street trees along tree planting strips.  We can also potentially work on clearing public areas of invasive species.  The Tree Ambassadors can get free trees, tools, and mulch for tree-planting projects.  Please bring your ideas to Deb or Sean for collaboration.



Volunteers Sought

Police Advisor Committee: Please volunteer and get in touch with Eldon if you are interested in participating in the SW Police Advisory Board.  A new member is needed to represent the Morgan Neighborhood.


Pothole Patrols: Please call in the potholes and report their existence so they can get fixed.  (206) 684-ROAD is the phone number to call and report potholes.  It may be best to call in the daytime and talk with a live person.


CNC Committees: These committees meet monthly and are looking for volunteers: Education; Transportation; Budget; Neighborhood Matching Fund; and the Neighborhood Planning Committees.  Anybody who is a member of a neighborhood association can join one of these committees.  Please contact Chas for more information if you are interested in volunteering.   The Transportation Committee is currently grappling with density issues and an up-zoning issue.  The next meeting is at Room 370 at City Hall at 7 PM on January 28.


MoCA Festival 2013: Please volunteer for our festival this summer on June 22.



MoCA 2013 Election

The officers will be up for election at the next meeting in April.  A proposed slate of officers for 2013 is as follows: Deb Barker, President; Chas Redmond, Vice President; Sean Gamble, Secretary; and Eldon Olson, Treasurer.  Anyone in attendance is entitled to vote and run for office.  Please attend and vote!



Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at The Kenney at 7 PM on April 17, 2013.  The address is 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW, Room 2.



**Save the Date**

June 22, 2013 is the Morgan Junction Community Festival!



Here is an additional announcement to the Morgan Junction Community:


Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network volunteers donate thousands of hours year-round responding to reports of live and dead marine mammals, establishing perimeters and protecting resting harbor seal pups, educating the public about our fragile marine ecosystem and visiting classrooms, doing health assessment of animals and delivering animals for necropsy.

Learn more about the organization, seals and sea lions, and NOAA’s NW stranding networks on Seal Sitters’ website at For what’s happening on the beach, please visit

If you see a seal pup on the beach, stay back, keep dogs leashed and away at all times and call your local stranding network.

Seal Sitters always needs dedicated volunteers and holds several trainings a year. If you're interested in joining, please check the website ( for information or to be placed on a contact list for upcoming trainings.


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