MoCA Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2012

7 PM at The Kenney


President Deb Barker began the meeting.  The officers introduced themselves to the attendees.


MoCA Festival 2013

The first big announcement is that the MoCA Festival is set for Saturday, June 22, 2013.  We hope the weather will be good!  Please add this date to your calendars.  Please also consider volunteering for the MoCA Festival to contribute to the fun and success.


Sustainable West Seattle Transportation Forum Update

Chas spoke about the Sustainable West Seattle Transportation forum update.  A variety of leaders were at the last forum update.  A main issue involved whether to alter service from Arbor Heights or Alki.  The software link issue between the Rapid Rides and the One Bus Away app is being worked on.  There are still infrastructure issues to be worked out.  West Seattle is generally in better shape than other neighborhoods.  Metro is looking at adjusting the Route 22 run-times.  Constantine is concerned about the impact of upcoming transit products and how West Seattle can benefit from them.  The issue of traffic congestion at the junctions caused by bus lanes and Rapid Ride stops was not explored.  SDOT is working to improve the timing of signal patterns and queue jumps.


Murray CSO Project Status

Lauren Stensland with Enviroissues was present to speak for Doug Marsano on the Murray CSO Project.  A lot has happened since July.  Lauren is a consultant to King County.  As everyone is aware, the County is building this project to control storm water overflow and improve environmental protection for the Sound.  The big panels on the fences around the project have been painted with designs and look good.  The County has been working on getting final permits and finalizing designs.  A couple things have changed in the design.  It will be possible to walk through the site alongside or near the green roof with all its micro-environments.  The County determined that fences will not be necessary, although there will be good lighting for security and good sightlines for views.  It would be a good idea to have the local police participate in the community safety aspects of the design.  There will not be an open pond, but rather green space for the vegetation tiers to capture rainwater runoff.  Odor control stacks will be tucked back against the embankment and should be subtle.  There will be better and more odor controls than in the initial designs.  The Lowman Beach odor control stack will be improved by removing that feature and incorporating it into the Murray CSO Project.  The final surface features of some exposed walls, whether they will be pattern-scored or have ivy-fences, is still being worked out.  Chas explained how the Murray CSO water control project is part of a larger system within West Seattle and greater Seattle.


Morgan Junction Park Expansion Status

The City Parks department has been negotiating with the properties just north of the current park area.  Chip Nevins recently updated MoCA with the status and those minutes have been posted.  It is important to remember that the current process is focused on land acquisition.  In the future, funds would have to be found to develop the project.  The update is that Parks continues to negotiate on the price and continues to work on testing the soil.  City Council has recently empowered Parks to have eminent domain to acquire the property.  This process may help the negotiations continue and may offer the seller certain tax advantages.  The results of the soil tests will be a key factor in the final price the parties agree to.  Pacific Groundwater Group is doing the groundwater testing.  The results of the tests are of course public documents available through a public records request.  Following acquisition, Parks would be willing to work with the community on interim uses.  Chip is still working on the questions from the last meeting.  The negotiations are continuous; the test results may be ready by the middle of November.  The minutes from the last meeting are available.  The acquisition would really increase the size of the Morgan Junction Park, although future development would take time.


SW Morgan Street Bike Lane Report

MoCA sent a letter to question the process and apparent lack of notice regarding the elimination of SW Morgan Street parking and implementation of a bike lane.  MoCA asked the City to postpone the project and attend this meeting to answer questions.  The City agreed to postpone the project and reevaluate the project.  The City agreed to reconsider and contact MoCA with updates.  There may be a smarter shift of bicycle routes away from arterials and towards greenways.  Sustainable West Seattle is also working to coordinate on these issues.


Neighborhood Projects Fund (NPF) & Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) Applications

MoCA has turned in multiple transportation and capital projects.  John Vander Sluis with SDOT manages the Neighborhood Project.  A streetscape project improvement proposal was submitted.  SDOT reviews the proposals for feasibility and cost. In this case, there are three projects that have been proposed for funding to the City Council.  The streetscape improvement project on California between Juneau & Myrtle, the sidewalk improvements on Fauntleroy & 46th, and the repaving of the tennis courts are the three proposed projects.  This comes to about $123,000 for the SW District.  John shared maps showing where new trees and bicycle racks could be located.  The racks need some clearance area to leave room for pedestrians.  Recent proposals that have not been funded can be resubmitted for new years.  MoCA can expect to hear from John in January. The budget usually comes out in mid- to late-November.  John’s contact information is (206) 684-4617.


2013 Funding Application for MoCA Festival

Chas communicated with the arts office regarding a neighborhood community arts program.  The community grant program has two options, one for non-profits and one for groups without a formal structure.  Chas submitted the application for MoCA last week.  We won’t know the result of the funding application until November or December.


Tree Ambassador Projects on Fauntleroy Way SW at Morgan and at Juneau

The Tree Ambassador Program is an urban forestry collaboration between Seattle City Parks Department, Forterra, and other conservation organizations.  Tree Ambassadors is working with SDOT to bring more trees to the green spaces at Fauntleroy / Morgan (near the Thriftway) and Fauntleroy / Juneau (near the bus stop).  We can plant new Burgundy and Cornelian Cherry trees. We can also remove invasive species and clean up the green spaces.  We are looking for volunteers for the following dates and times:

November 4th at 12 PM: Phase 1 will be the removal of invasive species and a general clean up.

Phase 2 will be further clean up by SDOT, which will also deliver mulch and the trees.

November 11th at 12 PM: Phase 3 will involve spreading mulch and planting the new trees.

Please feel welcome to volunteer at either site on either date.


Finally, MoCA did not have a report on the Police Precinct as listed in the original schedule.


The meeting adjourned at roughly 8:45 PM.



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