Minutes from

Morgan Community Association

quarterly meeting

April 18, 2012

at The Kenney


Deb Barker, MoCA President, presided and opened the meeting with introductions and announcements which included:

  • The April 21 Gathering of Neighbors at Chief Sealth International High School;
  • The upcoming Emergency Preparedness exercise on May 19;
  • An opportunity to apply for MoCA area tree ambassador through the city's re-tree program; and
  • The MoCA board has an open position for Secretary

Chas Redmond then gave an update on the upcoming June 23 Morgan Community Festival at Morgan Junction Park, the Beveridge Place Parking lot, the parking lot behind Zeeks and Feedback Lounge and the parking lot of Washington Federal, across California from Zeeks.  Redmond indicated that the plans were coming together with vendors, musicians, kids activities, and "The Bite of Morgan" all being worked on.  He indicated that a new activity - the "Bark of Morgan," was being planned and would involve dogs, with more details to come.  Volunteers are welcome, and we are glad to partner with such great businesses and enterprises in this, the 7th annual festival.

Doug Marsano, King County Wastewater Division, then gave a visual presentation of the present design for the Murray Basin Combined Sewer Overflow catchment and pump station additions to the existing facilities at Lowman Beach Park.  The design now includes a pathway from Lincoln Parkway down to Beach Drive through the facility.  The facility is also now more moderated in appearance with landscaping and plantings providing visual cover for the rougher areas of the structure.  Also, Doug indicated that the Seattle Department of Transportation has requested a further narrowing of the Beach Drive roadway as it passes in front of the facility.  This will improve safety and provide a further visual cue to drivers on Beach Drive that the route to the Fauntleroy Ferry terminal is not straight but rather up the intersection with Lincoln Parkway.

Members in attendance made positive comments on the current, 30 percent design, Option C is moving to the permit stage.

James Sido from Metro walked the MoCA membership through the changes to California Avenue and Fauntleroy Way involving the installation of RapidRide stations and stops.  He indicated that the process uses a new, lower carbon footprint, form of concrete which requires seven days to cure, which has resulted in some of the station locations being "under construction" for longer than usual.  The installation of the stations if occurring at both ends of the line (Alaska/Triangle area and Westwood/Morgan area) simultaneously and following the completion of the stations, there will be a period of testing involving the electronic sign boards.  This testing will occur Summer through late Summer in anticipation of the line beginning service at the end of September. Construction is expected to be cleared by the June 23, 2012 Morgan Festival.

Sonia Palma then spoke about what Seattle Parks and Recreation and SDOT are doing with this year's Summer Streets program.  The program opens on Alki Avenue Sunday, May 20, with a 5K race from 9 am through 11 am and then the street will be closed from 59th Ave. through 64th Ave. until 5 pm.  Local residents have a way to get in and out and buses will be allowed through during the Alki Ave. closure.  Sonia wanted to let Morgan residents know that if they wanted to establish a street location for their program of organization it was as easy as showing up and claiming a spot along the Alki Avenue right-of-way.  She said that there will be music and youth and kids art programs sponsored by the Alki Art Fair committee.

Cindi Barker than spoke up about requesting a "School" sign near Gatewood School on California Ave., noting that there were signs on Fauntleroy Way and Othello St. but not on California.  The membership agreed to have Cindi pursue this with a request to SDOT for installing a "20 mph School Zone" sign near the Gatewood School on California Ave.

Deb Barker inquired about a Spring Cleaning activity for the Morgan Junction area.  She noted that there are a lot of litter items beginning to show up in the park and along California Ave.  She will look into the City sponsored "Spring Clean" event for relevant dates and ask for volunteers.  Check the website for further information.

Treasurer and SW Precinct Advisory member Eldon Olson was out of town so there was a brief update on participating in Police living room chats by contacting Officer Chapackdee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 206-255-8302 for more information, along with a reminder to report the unusual or the unfamiliar to the SW Precinct at 206-625-5011, ext. 2 or 8.

Also, Kate de la Garza, former MoCA secretary, has resigned her.  Kate was involved in the update to the Morgan Community Association bylaws and MoCA has not replaced that position yet, so there was no vote on the proposed bylaws change.  The change will update the MoCA bylaws to remove out-of-date elements and to make the bylaws consistent with the operational elements of MoCA, such as quarterly meetings versus the monthly meetings cited in the bylaws.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Next Morgan Community Association meeting will be at The Kenney on Wednesday, July 18, 2012.




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